Tuesday, October 2, 2012

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Photo: Ed Gray Motor (pureenergysystems.com)
The Real History of the Ed Gray Motor by Mark McKay reveals the story behind one
of the most sought after technologies in the history of exotic energy science. This is a lecture from the recent Bedini-Lindemann 2012 Science
& Technology Conference.
The "Gray Motor" has been one of the most sought after energy technologies of the
last several decades and Mark McKay is the premier historian on the chronology of
what Ed Gray was involved in and how the development of this motor took place.

This is NOT a "how-to" presentation on the technology itself but rather a history lesson
that has never really been told until now. For anyone interested in seeing the path that
Ed Gray took throughout the developments, this is a MUST SEE presentation.

By the way, the Bedini-Lindemann 2013 Science & Technology Conference is being
organized right now and you the official information page will be up at Energy Science
Forum very soon.

Until then, enjoy Mark McKay's presentation as it is a story that has never been
revealed until now!
There are also several more videos that will be released from the conference that we
haven't even alluded to yet so stay tuned!


In the meanwhile, there are some exciting developments around the world in regards to
"free energy" technologies. There is one that is of particular interest because it is so simple
in concept (seemingly simple) yet the implications are extremely profound IF the claims
are true. You can learn more about this mechanical amplifier built by Peruvian inventor
Sixto Ramos Fernando Solano here:

The possible implications of this, again IF it is true, is that you can run a 1 horsepower
motor and have it generate electricity from a 5 horsepower motor/generator. It was also
awarded a very prestigious Swiss invention aware that you can read about in the link above.
The replications are slowly but surely coming around the world (without energy claims) but
more to study the novel mechanism around.


There is a new Bedini Energizer Kit soon to be announced and it is one that has never
been available as a kit before available from anywhere else. It will also be a foundational
"universal" kit because other circuits can be connected in order to learn more than one
method relating to Bedini's technology.

We'll release details when we can but can tell you that it is not only going to work amazingly
well but will be BEAUTIFUL too. This is sure to become an instant classic and we can't wait
to get our own hands on one soon.


John Bedini shared quite a bit on his crystal battery technology at the last conference and
he has already taken it light years beyond! He has been running some tests on his latest
crystal batteries and we got to see not only the data but the actual test live and although it will
take some time to understand what it all means, it is definitely something that nobody has seen
before. Simply, nobody has ever seen a battery power a load quite like this before that we
know of.

John isn't going to release the details yet but if you want to get in line to see what he does
release when he releases it, make sure to join Energy Science Forum here:
http://www.energyscienceforum.com/register.php (it's FREE!)
and then tune into the crystal battery discussions here:
See you again in a few days!


A & P Electronic Media

p.s. We have had many requests for a list of all our products since the conference videos
have been released so here they are - only the last 3 are from the conference:

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