Friday, June 21, 2013

Power JMD by Jean Marc Dechamboux: Non patented prototypes demonstration

A French company, Power JMD, appears to have an exotic free energy device that is getting close to market (some time in "2013 or 2014").

From what I can gather, it uses some kind of rotational mechanism that is able to self-loop and provide excess energy; and it is fairly bulky and fairly well engineered. Somewhere, I saw that the return on investment (pay for unit from savings on electricity bill) is estimated to be between 3 and 5 years.

On their site, they say: "With the POWERJMD system, you will get an independent and almost free ecologic source of electricity. Even the most remote areas will have access to this electricity..."

And on their "goals" page, they say: "This new system has the potential to end the mass production of electric energy as we know it today.""Who has not dreamed of producing his own electricity? The infatuation for photovoltaic energy, windmills, etc., validate this new choice of energy. ...The POWERJMD system can provide it!"The POWERJMD system does not pollute and emits very little noise. The system is designed for safety, and there is little risk of fire."Here is a generator for every use: Homes, apartment buildings, industry, commercial centers, and municipalities."