Thursday, April 2, 2020

Ken Wheeler talks electro-magnetic retardation

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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Global BEM conference 2019 - Sunday

This week I have watched the video stream of the Global BEM 2019 conference that was recorded on Sunday, because I could not be there on that day. 
This day the presentations were focused on the real scientific explanations behind the so called exotic technologies. At least in the second half of the day, it became quite the roller coaster ride in terms of scientific research. 
A few times during the conference the same fundamental question came up: 
What is electricity? A tough question to crack it seems. But it is crucial to answer this question before you can even start to understand what technology behind the question and answer is. In other words; Before you can build an internal combustion engine, you need to know everything about the fuel you are going to use. 
Will there be an answer to this question? Well, if you allow me to take you with me on this roller coaster, you will find out.

Monday, November 11, 2019

Global BEM 2019 conference - Free Energy on the break through?

Last Saturday, I was attending the 2019 Global Breaktrough Energy Conference. A conference about break through energy technologies which are, unfortunately, considered as fringe or pseudo science based inventions according to mainstream scholars and universities. 
But, listening to the topics involved, this field of science is far from the hocus pocus and theoretical gibberish and seems to have a real down to earth hardcore scientific basis with provable working examples shown.

I was there to explore the viable alternatives to centralized energy dependency. Technologies that can save us from the stranglehold of power and money hungry conglomerates. Because it is about time we, the people, take our (literal) power back!

Opening speech

The conference was hosted by Susan Manewich, co-author of Hidden Energy and current president of New Energy Movement. Susan is also involved in the areas of leadership consulting, emotional intelligence, resonant technology and better understanding human dynamics and social systems, to successfully transition through these global changes.
After Susan opened the conference, she introduced the 3rd generation of the Schauberger family from Austria; Jörg Schauberger.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Eric Dollard - History and theory of electricity

This very interesting story involves forgotten and supressed science about electro-engineering. The people who pioneered in the science and experiments in the beginning of last century are introduced; who they were and what they did. Some would call it fringe science, but actually it is very real but supressed.
Scientists and engineers like Tesla, Edison, Marconi, Steinmetz and many more are responsible for the basic knowledge and truth about electric energy, known today by very few scholars.

Eric Dollard is one of the priveliged engineers who had the brains and the time to study all of these brilliant works from a young age. He encourages people to follow into his footsteps to preserve and experiment, based on this old knowledge, and study this elaborate field of science with great vigor.

Watch and enjoy his speach. Eric Dollard gave this presentation at the Tesla Society around 2007.

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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Vrije Energie is een proces van geduld en vertrouwen

Ja, het is alweer bijna een jaar geleden sinds we onze laatste nieuwsbrief stuurden. Diverse mensen vroegen ons al of er nog wat nieuws te melden was. Ondanks het lange stilzwijgen hebben we ook het afgelopen jaar niet stil gezeten. Ook hebben we gewacht totdat we weer iets zinnigs te melden hadden. Vrije Energie in de wereld zetten is een proces van geduld en vertrouwen dat er een moment komt dat de tijd (en ook het bewustzijn van de mens) er rijp voor is.

Gelukkig hebben we dat geduld en uithoudingsvermogen, gewoon omdat we er nog steeds in geloven en mede omdat we dingen gezien hebben die dit bevestigen, ondanks dat er tot voor kort nog geen producten waren die in de wereld gezet konden worden.

Zo zijn we al enige tijd in contact met uitvinders in Zuid Korea die al best ver zijn met een uitvinding die heel professioneel over komt en waar we mee in contact zijn om de licentie voor de Benelux te verwerven. Ook zij hebben al laten weten daarvoor open te staan.

Het doet ons goed ons gesteund te voelen door jullie omdat jullie regelmatig reageren en (gelukkig) nog steeds grote interesse hebben in nieuwe ontwikkelingen op het gebied van Vrije Energie en vooral in werkende apparaten. Dat motiveert ons om rustig, maar stug door te blijven gaan met onze zoektocht.

Net als vorig jaar waren er ook dit jaar een aantal hoopgevende ontwikkelingen maar ook enkele grote teleurstellingen t.a.v. apparaten waar we ons mee bezig hielden. Tijdens het Vrije Energiecongres van begin oktober 2018 in Königstein in Duitsland zou er zo’n apparaat getoond worden, maar dat leek op het laatste moment toch niet mogelijk.

Hieronder geven we een beeld van de diverse ontwikkelingen en apparaten waar we ons zoal mee bezig hielden.

Zie verder op: FreeEnergy4all

Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Angus effect

Hi, here is one of my latest projects that I'm currently working on. I hope you find it interesting as I do. I still have more research to do with the PMH generator and a lot more to talk about.

The PMH generator is made almost entirely from LEGO parts. On the magnet rotor I use (12) n35 20mmx2mm neodymium magnets that is capable of lifting up around 5 pounds with one pole and up to 30 pounds using both poles and the Coils on the PMH are tuned to 60Hz .The prime mover is a DC motor with a 5 pole armature and is powered from a 9 volt aa battery box. I use a 1000uf 35v capacitor to store the charge along with different kinds of diode rectifier circuits to charge the capacitor.

In part 1 I started out by testing a center tap rectifier on the PMH generator which basically work about as good as the half wave single diode rectifier I used in the part 2. Later in the video I connect the lego speed computer to show the RPM of the magnet rotor while I put a load on. The Load I use here is a stepper motor which was able to turn with much more force then the DC motor but that was only for a very brief second. Now the RPM on the Magnet rotor with out the Stepper motor connected was around 2500 and when the Stepper motor was connected to the capacitor the RPM increased up to 2600 RPM.

Now one of the first things I wanted to do with my PMH generator is

Friday, May 11, 2018

Static Corona motor - Atmospheric energy driven

How atmospheric electricity works to generate electricity to power things, like a corona motor, an electrostatic motor. 
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More about powering using atmospheric electricity can be see on my webpage here: 

Source for explanation about atmospheric electricity: The Feynman Lectures on Physics, Richard Feynman, vol. 2, section 9 Caltech, Richard Feynman's old stomping ground, has been nice enough to put the lectures online for free! 

Here's a link to section 9 http://www.feynmanlectures.caltech.ed... 

3D modelling and animation done using Blender 2.71.

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