Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stichting Watergas.nu op BedrijfsautoRAI 2012 17 t/m 21 april 2012

We staan van donderdag 17 t/m zaterdag 21 april 2012 op de BedrijfsautoRAI in Amsterdam.  Tijdens de bedrijfsauto Rai van april 2012 tonen wij in de praktijk hoe de innovatieve inzet van watergas brandstof bespaart. 
We gaan een mooie stand inrichten in de hal. Er is een werkteam aan de slag gegaan om dit te organiseren. Binnenkort hoort u meer over onze plannen. Steun ons. Ga naar www.share2start.com

Onze stand kunt u vinden in HAL 3

Standnummer 03.503

Hier vint u de plattegrond en hier kunt u een impressie krijgen van de inrichting.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

New Hybrid Energy Device Could Clean Water While Generating Power

(via IEEE Spectrum, further information and image via Bruce Logan)
A couple of rules that most people can agree on: Humans need water to survive, and that while living in groups humans will produce waste water of some kind. How to keep that water clean and divest ourselves of that waste has been an ongoing problem, especially in large scale urban living environments. However, new technology from Pennsylvania State University might not only clean water, but produce enough electrical power to be self-sustaining.

The Penn State device is a hybrid one, comprised of two fundamental pieces of technology: Microbial fuel cells and reverse electrodialysis. The two techniques can generate power in their own right, but on their own they cannot practically be made self-sustaining.