Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cold Fusion -- The answer to all our energy problems

AlienScientist presents a primer video about cold fusion, its history and aspects, along with the keys to its potential success as an energy solution, calling for the needed resources, including advocacy, research, theoretical development and funding to see it achieve its destiny.

Preface by Sterling D. Allan
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AlienScientist has produced another outstanding video: this one about cold fusion, giving a brief primer about its history and operation, and giving a call to action to see it finally emerge as a well-deserving, supported field of science, to provide a solution to our fossil-fuel energy dependency.  He explains why the earlier experiments were hard to reproduce, and what we have learned in the ensuing years about the nature of the reaction and thus how to achieve the reliability needed.

Like Randy Powell in his presentation at TEDx Charolette on vortex mathematics, AlienScientist opens the segment with a response to Barak Obama's saying "We don't yet have the technological breakthroughs that can completely replace fossil fuels," retorting, "Oh really? Hmmm."

He then goes back to Obama who continues: "...unless somebody here invents something tomorrow, which would be very helpful. And if you have it, let me know.  We'll get it going right away..." to which AlienScientist points out that the U.S. Navy should have already briefed him on their recent alpha scanning detection of tritium byproducts produced by SPAWAR, the Navy's cold fusion research center, which showed direct evidence of low level nuclear reactions occurring in laboratories all over the world.

AlienScientist then says, "Now all we need is the physics and the theory to get it to work right consistently."  Imitating Powell's bravado, he says, "Mr. President, I have it, and now I'm letting you know, so that you can get it going right away."

He then returns to the Obama segment saying "I think you said it best," then showing Obama stating: "We can't drill our way out of the problem.  That's why we've got to get moving on this clean energy -- one of my highest priorities; and I think it's got to be one of our highest strategic priorities as an economy.  It has the potential of being an enormous growth industry."

"Oh, you're not kidding!" AlienScientist concludes at this 1:15-minute opener to his 15-minute video.

I contacted AlienScientist to see if he could provide the transcript of his video.  He gladly provided it, which is posted below.  It picks up where we just left off.

Here is the video and the description he provided, followed by the transcript.  This is primarily for the many people in our reading audience who translate our pages into their native language.

Cold Fusion, although virtually ignored by mainstream academic research, has continued underground through the efforts of brave and dedicated scientists. I am now pleased to bring you the technological and theoretical breakthrough we've all been waiting for... Clean, virtually inexhaustible energy in the form of sea water! Let the Cold Fusion Revolution begin!

1 Teaspoon of Heavy Water has the energy content of 300 Gallons of Gasoline. You could go 55 million miles on a gallon. There is enough deuterium fusion fuel in the top 1 foot of seawater in the San Francisco Bay to supply all of mankind's projected energy needs for the next 50-100 years... And you wonder why the Federal Reserve Corporation has been suppressing it... Since their petro-dollars and their power is backed by Oil.

Cold Fusion NOW!

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"Znidarsic's Constant" 1,094,000 m/s - is the key to Cold Fusion and has many other practical applications of atomic resonance effects for control over the natural forces.

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