Tuesday, November 26, 2013

2014 SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE Update, Video Specials Expiring & Cosmic Induction Generator

Here are 4 of the latest updates including a Cosmic Induction Generator


We are about to release the website for the 2014 Energy Conference. It will
be the last Fri, Sat & Sun of June, 2014. It will be at the same location as well.
The website will have the schedule of events and we have some exciting
presentations that you won't want to miss.

John Bedini will be showing some undisclosed circuits for running the Bedini SG
and Eric Dollard will be giving a presentation on Extraluminal Transmission
Systems of Tesla and Alexanderson!

Make sure to register early when you get a chance because every seat will be
filled again! Details coming soon...


Paul Babcock's Magnetic Energy Secrets Part 1 & 2 have been available
since the conference for $17 each or $27 for the combo. After Saturday Midnight
Pacific time, each video's price will be increased to $27 or $47 for the combo.
Get the discount while it is available:
Paul Babcock's Magnetic Energy Secrets Part 1 & 2

Also, Jim Murray's Tesla's Hidden Discoveries presentation has been available
since the most recent conference for only $17 but after Saturday Midnight Pacific
time, it will be increased to $27. You can get it at the discounted price here:Jim Murray's Tesla's Hidden Discoveries

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Global BEM Conference 2013: A few stories (videos)

It has been an exciting month for us since I flew out to Boulder CO to present at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement conference for the first time.

The organizers were dedicated to facilitating the promotion of “free energy” with as much scientific information as possible. Even Professor Garret Moddel from the University of Colorado gratiously presented his views on “quantum engineering device technology” and Russ Gries appeared in person to promote his replication of a single-piston Papp engine exploding repeatedly with a noble gas mixture.

I particularly singled out Gries to ask him to create a four-cylinder model of the Papp engine with a camshaft. He is interested in accomplishing this task since his single piston and Bob Rohner’s single piston both demonstrate a proof of principle (see my COFE6 presentation for more info).