Friday, July 25, 2014

NEW presentation by Eric Dollard: The Extraluminal Transmission Systems of Tesla & Alexanderson

Eric Dollard has done it again! This is a 4 hour presentation on The Extraluminal Transmission Systems of Tesla & Alexanderson.

This is NEW material that has never been presented - it discloses the science behind electrostatic transmission systems that are not limited by the speed of light thereby defeating the Einsteinian paradigm that everything conforms to those limitations when they in fact do not.

We are also offering a free video bonus of a guided tour of the famous "Lander's" facility where Eric Dollard had a fully operational Advanced Seismic Warning System using this kind of wireless network based on these extraluminal transmission principles.

This science was applied by Tesla and Alexanderson and was used by the US Navy in the famous RCA Bolinas station for ship to shore communication back in WWII. Eric Dollard has improved upon the work of Tesla and Alexanderson in this science and has actually build a full scale working model that demonstrates the principles. The primary application was using this electrostatic antenna system to listen to the Earth signals in order to forecast major earthquakes 24-48 hours ahead of time! The best that conventional science can give us is 30 to 60 seconds, which pales in comparison.

Building on the foundation he laid in his previous
books Wireless Giant of the Pacific and Lone Pine Writings, Part One, Eric
systematically redevelops the history, the theory, the math and the working
models of the generalized transmission system methodology, and publishes, for
the first time in history, the method whereby any signal transmission system can
be characterized and replicated, including the "faster than light" systems of Tesla
and Alexanderson which utilize "instantaneous" longitudinal electro-static
pressure-waves in the Earth.

You will also learn how the electron models and Einstein's science has been erroneously applied to these systems for all these years. And, you will see the truth in a way that has never before been presented.

This presentation is offered at an introductory price, which will expire on July 31, 2014 so make sure to take advantage of this offer now.

The Extraluminal Transmission Systems of Tesla & Alexanderson

If you'd like to learn more about this topic, here is a FREE Interview with Eric,
filmed right after the Conference:

Also, if you haven't had a chance to get your hands on Jim Murray and Paul Babcock's presentation The Secret of Tesla's Power Magnification, make sure to get a copy at the discounted price, which will also expire on July 31, 2014.

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