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Viktor Schauberger ~ Comprehend and Copy Nature

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Polarization Model of the Non-Homogeneous Physical Vacuum

Thanks to Gary Vesperman for finding and putting this old but important file together (please note that Gary was not able to update the Table of Contents). You can find the file (Inhomogeneous Physical Vaccum.pdf) in our Downloads/ZPE_Related section as well.

The file is from the book by Vyacheslav Lukich Dyatlov (Chief Scientific Fellow, S. L. Sobolev Institute of Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Division - Doctor of Technical Sciences) titled: Polarization Model of the Inhomogeneous Physical Vacuum, published by the Institute of Mathematics Publishing House in Novosibirsk in 1998 (184 pp, ISBN 5-86134-057-9).

Here is the abstract (published in the author’s wording) by the Science Editor:

The book sets forth and substantiates a polarization model for the inhomogeneous physical vacuum. According to the model which is developed, the physical vacuum is a heterogeneous polarization medium which is present everywhere and consists of a homogeneous – absolute – physical vacuum and two modified – matter and antimatter – physical vacuums. The local formations of a modified vacuum, which the author calls vacuum domains, float within the unbounded absolute physical vacuum medium.

The properties of the absolute physical vacuum are described by non-conjugate systems of Maxwell electrodynamics and Heaviside gravi-dynamic equations. The Heaviside equations are reduced to the standard form of Maxwell equations; i.e., by the introduction of two inductions, gravity and spin.

The properties of the matter and antimatter physical vacuums are also described by conjugate Maxwell and Heaviside vacuum equations. These equations are linked due to the linear dependence of electrical and magnetic inductions not only on like electric and magnetic fields but also by gravity and spin fields, as well as the dependence of gravity and spin inductions not only on like fields but also on their interactions with electrical and magnetic fields.

Matter is represented in the model by equations from the electronic theory of matter and the theory of continuum mechanics. In the analysis of the model developed, the physical properties of vacuum domains are compared to anomalous phenomena, such as ball lighting, UFOs, tornadoes, poltergeists, etc. The satisfactory coincidence of the physical properties of vacuum domains and the manifestations of the phenomena in question make it possible to confirm the viability of the model.

Science Editor: Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences G. A. Kirpichnikov.
Published in the author’s wording.
ISBN 5-86134-057-9

Source: ZPEnergy

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Introducing Earth Energy Inc. - Making Free energy devices available to the public

Earth Energy, Inc. is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) corporation (tax-exempt status pending IRS approval) funded by the generosity of supporters around the world.


Through the open-source research and development of Earth Energy devices, as well as through educational videos, our mission is to make these devices and the knowledge available to the public in a non-profit way. Our hope is that you will be able to live in a 100% self-sustained manner. Earth Energy devices will also restore the health of planet Earth.We think that taking the following three steps will solve many of the problems we face in our society today:
The people need to be enabled to live independently by:

  1. Powering their homes off the grid ( mission) 
  2. Powering their transportation from a non-gasoline fuel source ( mission) 
  3. Having a free source of organic food ( mission) 
  4. Having a free source of water ( mission) 
  5. The people need to unite, co-operate, and lead reform in a peaceful, logical way, by working hard to create proposals and detailing exactly how to reform many of our establishments. The plans affect federal and state governments, taxes, the justice system, the prison system, education, financial institutions, healthcare, and more. 
  6. The people then need to successfully implement the policies created as a result of Step 2. 

If you would like to help with our mission, please email us today (, telling us exactly how you would like to be involved.

Research and Development

See Chief Technology Officer Bob Bateman’s YouTube page for videos that demonstrate our work.

Bob Bateman on YouTube

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Excerpt from Emedia newsletter 23-8-2017:

For the last several years, the Quantum Energy Generator or better known as the QEG was made internationally known by Hopegirl. James Robitaille is the one who headed up the engineering side of the project, which is based on a generator developed by Ronald Brandt. Ronald Brandt was a very advanced engineer who was thought to have known Tesla briefly - we can't verify that and that is not claimed by those involved with the QEG, but we do know that Ronald Brandt was in communication with the late John Bedini, a friend and mentor of mine for the last 18 years. Ronald Brandt is the one that gave John Bedini the designs for the famous "Tesla Switch", which ran a car without running down the batteries.

Get your copy here:  Multiple Order Harmonics

Get a 25% discount when using this coupon code (case sensitive so use all capitals): QEG25

The QEG was designed to produce energy in excess of what is thought to be possible. The principle involved is by synchronizing multiple harmonics, which is a very difficult and challenging process. For example there is electrical type resonance with the output of the coil's windings and there is also resonance of the steel core itself that the wire is wound on. When getting all of these resonances synchronized with each other, they amplify each other so that the sum result of the output is greater than the parts.

The common idea is that anything that can produce excess energy violates thermodynamics, but this is completely untrue. There is an entire branch of non-equilibrium or open system thermodynamics that explains how these systems can operate and the QEG is one of these systems and we have published the definitive presenations on this subject available in our catalog. This is simply mentioned for those of you that may be new to Energy Times and are not familiar with this concept.

For the last few years, I was not very familiar with what the QEG was or what the goal was behind it and this is why I never wrote about it in these newsletters. With the presentation Multiple Order Harmonics given by James Robitaille, it became very clear to me exactly what he was after and what the point to the machine was. James was very honest about the demonstration unit he brought with him and did not make overunity (free energy) claims for it. He showed how difficult it is to tune and made it very clear that it is a work in progress. If you have ever wondered about the QEG, Multiple Order Harmonics will set you straight.

Get your copy here : Multiple Order Harmonics

Get a 25% introductory discount when using this coupon code (case sensitive so use all capitals): QEG25


The following recent presentation releases are still discounted:
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HACKING THE AETHER by Aaron Murakami
MIND OVER MATTER by Prof. Robert Haralick


Walt Jenkins presentation on Water Fuel will be released this Friday 1-9-2017.

Next week, we will release Al Francoeur's presentation on Electricity, Magnetism, Gravity & Singularity, Jeane Manning & Susan Manewich's presentation on Think Strategically and Spread Your Message and my second presentation on the High Voltage N-Machine - that will conclude the 2017 Energy Science & Technology Conference releases!

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Bedini's Zero Force Motor Full Disclosure by Yaro Stanchak

The Gold Magnet by Jeff Moe

Newman Motor Disclosure by Geoffrey Miller

Two Overunity Technologies by Dr. Paul LaViolette

Panel Discussion #1

Panel Discussion #2

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