Friday, August 30, 2013

Global BEM - Bigger Boulder Better (Conference promo Video)

Hello everybody! We would like to raise your attention.

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This years conference will be:

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Jim Murray's Tesla's Hidden Discoveries is out now!


The Fourth Film in the series from the Bedini-Lindemann 2013 Conference is
being released today. It is the presentation that Jim Murray gave at the Conference titled Tesla's Hidden Discoveries. I know that many of you may be having a bit of "Tesla Fatigue" because so many people are saying that "Tesla did this" and "Tesla did that". But really, Jim Murray's presentation is about some of
Tesla's work that I only became aware of recently, myself.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Russ Gries Will Be Speaking At The Breakthrough Energy Conference 2013

Russ Gries Will Be Speaking At The Breakthrough Energy Conference 2013.
RWGresearch is run by Russ Gries, and continues to function through his YouTube page, with feedback and input from his YouTube subscribers on YouTube and his forum at

Here you will find the most important work Russ has done. Russ truly believes in sharing results, and working as a team with his subscribers, so please contribute anything you think is valuable. You can help by contributing you resources, wither that’s PayPal donations, material resources, or just coming over to the forums and giving your thoughts on the projects. Russ needs all the help he can get.

Russ donates a large portion of his free time, so if you enjoy his work and want him to continue please help him out! The video's he provides are not only entertaining, they're valuable to mankind as a whole and for the public to take back the choice of how and where we produce energy. Russ dose broadcast his work live occasionally on


Friday, August 16, 2013

Conventional Wind Power Meets Exotic Free Energy

A company out of southern California has an ideal name for exotic free energy roll-out, and their present focus on a new wind turbine design gives them a place to conceal working exotics to help the turbine performance, while enabling a toe-hold for exotic modality advancement, both in credibility and revenue.

Nearly from the beginning of my involvement of tracking free energy technologies, we've talked about putting up solar panels on a house as a decoy so that people don't think anything of it when they see a house with the lights on during a power outage, while the house is actually powered by an exotic free energy modality. Solar panels have gotten so cheap. It's the racking, batteries, and inverters that are expensive.

Now apply that idea to wind turbines, except rather than the turbines being complete decoys, they still operate on wind power -- but with assistance from other, more exotic technologies, that society is not yet ready to embrace. It's a way to ramp up production, prove performance, establish a revenue stream, build a customer and network base, while increasing the shift away from our present reliance on polluting fossil fuel technologies and dependence on the grid.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

* NEW RELEASE * Open System Thermodynamics by Peter Lindemann, DSc

We're excited to be able to release Peter Lindemann's presentation from the recent Bedini-Lindemann Science & Technology Conference called Open System Thermodynamics!
This presentation reviews the history of the development of thermodynamics so that you can understand the reality that there are systems that can easily produce more energy on the output than you have to supply on the input.

There are many misconceptions about "Free Energy" and what it actually means. In the context of Open System Thermodynamics, Free Energy simply means energy available from the environment (which is not supplied by us).
Get your copy now: Open System Thermodynamics  
Instead of looking for "new" sources of energy, this presentation is a must have because
it shows you that the quest for exotic forms of energy is unnecessary because common
forms of energy all around us are very plentiful.

Friday, August 9, 2013


Next Tuesday the 13th of August, we'll be launching Peter Lindemann's
new presentation from the conference which covers thermodynamic systems
that are OPEN to the environment. You will learn about various devices that
operate outside of conventional thermodynamics and a proposed model for an
ambient air engine, which Tesla considered to be the most important kind of
machine. You will also learn about the real history behind thermodynamics - 
the kind of history that the powers that be simply do not want  you to understand!
We'll be launching the presentation right after a live interview with Peter
Lindemann, hosted by Aaron Murakami. We'll review some questions that
were written by some of the conference attendees - we ran out of time at the
conference for the discussion panel so we'll get some of those answered. 
Space is limited on the live video broadcast so make sure to log in early.
We'll announce the time about 24-48 hours ahead, but we plan to have it
early in the afternoon.  
A & P Electronic Media

You are invited to a Live Streaming video interview with Peter Lindemann tomorrow on
Aug 13, 2013 12:00 PM (NOON) Pacific Time Zone and will go until 1:00 to 1:30 PM.

Peter Lindemann will be answering some questions submitted by some of the conference
attendees and then will answer YOUR live questions about his new presentation Open
System Thermodynamics. The video presentation from the conference will be available
at the end of this interview!

We have space for 100 participants so it is first-come-first-serve so log in early to
ensure your seat! If you are not able to make it into the live streaming interview, we will
be posting a youtube video of the interview later.

Register here:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about
joining the webinar.

Hope to see you there!
A & P Electronic Media

Dick Korf: 16e Nieuwsbrief met geheel nieuwe perspectieven van Vrije Energie 8-08-‘13

1. Inleiding:

Diverse geïnteresseerden in Vrije Energie ontwikkelingen stellen mij via de mail de vraag of er nog nieuwe ontwikkelingen zijn. Dan zit ik soms met een dilemma, hoe te antwoorden omdat ik moeilijk iedereen individueel van de laatste stand van zaken op de hoogte kan stellen zonder al die anderen die ook benieuwd zijn ook te informeren. En als dan de tijd nog niet rijp is om een nieuwsbrief rond te sturen dan vraagt men zich natuurlijk af of er nog wel nieuws is met soms ook het gevoel van: ja, Dick doet wel steeds enthousiast maar komt die doorbraak nu nog eens een keer?

Ik ben nu ruim 5 jaar heel enthousiast op zoek naar Vrije Energie oplossingen, heb daarvoor diverse continenten bezocht (o.a. China, Australië, USA, enz) maar ondanks dat ik hele boeiende projecten heb gezien is er toch (binnen mijn gezichtveld althans) nog steeds geen productierijpe unit uitgekomen en dan zou menigeen waarschijnlijk opgeven. Maar als je als techneut er echt in gelooft dan weet je, op een goede dag gaat het toch gebeuren.

En beste belangstellenden, ik heb sterk het gevoel dat het nu zo ver is….., ja Echt, de doorbraak is nabij!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference, October 10,11,12, 2013

Welcome, fellow earthling. We are very excited to announce our upcoming 2013 Breakthrough Energy conference.

Check out the program, the speakers, the venue and secure yourticket. Early bird rates available.

New to our hub is the collaborative effort with  Revolution Green on an all-things-energy webshop and forum.

In our media portal,, our growing catalogue, you can explore the lectures of our 2012 Breakthrough Energy conference, along with our other media.

It’s clear that humanity faces grand challenges. Challenges which are systemic and deeply rooted in many outdated systems & structures — Energy, Economic, Government, Social & Environmental. Old ways of doing & thinking have become increasingly unsustainable and unviable, and are in need of great transformation. In essence, we have forgotten how to care for our planet and one another.

!! EMERGENCY !! ERIC DOLLARD in * DANGER * The Tesla Wizard from Lone Pine Needs your help!


If you have been following the "free energy" community over the years, you know that Eric Dollard is considered by many to be the modern-day Tesla!

You also may know that he has had many labs sabotaged, equipment stolen,his information has been suppressed, and the list goes on.

At this very moment, there is a very coordinated attack against Eric Dollard because he choose to stand up to his attackers and put his foot down once and for all!

Aaron Murakami, a long time open source experimenter and publisher of energy technologies did something that no other person would do... he stood up for Eric when Eric wanted to make this announcement public and nobody had ever done that before.

Because of this, a very evil and self-serving person who wanted to dominate and control everything that Eric did has done something that is so vile and disgusting that is has left many people in complete SHOCK!