Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bedini Renaissance Conference marks turning point in overunity electromagnetic research

The enthusiastic chatter about the Bedini Conference describes a monumental event with amazing demonstrations of technologies and networking of people who previously have only known each other by usernames.  What came to be called the "Bedini Ferris Wheel" was unveiled, drawing milliamps while producing tremendous torque and electricity.
by Sterling D. Allan
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I have to admit that it is a bit overwhelming to cover the topic of the Renaissance CDA Workshop Conference (which I've been calling the "Bedini Conference" for brevity, though it might more properly be abbreviated the "Renaissance Conference") that took place a week ago in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, USA, organized primarily by Rick Friedrich.

From what I've heard and read, it was a deeply historic gathering, a stunning success, both in terms of the material presented as well as the networking that took place. It was described as a "turning point", instilling on most everyone present that there is indeed a new field of research here that is valid and that needs more consideration and drive; and the conference was highly motivating to propel the movement forward with even great momentum. People enjoyed meeting in person those they've known for so long only online.

This is significant, considering that expectations were high. The conference announcement page sported a video at the top showing an animated cartoon of a Bedini like motor spinning and powering a house.

I really wanted to go, but a number of things, from mundane to large, got in the way. I'm glad to hear that there were as many as 380 people that attended, including from several international locations. The conference-goers were described as "unbelievably talented people from a wide range of backgrounds – a group of people wanting to see things move forward."  I was told that there were even representatives from some automobile companies in attendance.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Attractions of Magnetism by Jeane Manning

Jeane Manning is scheduled to give a talk on the school-girl motor. It was
her article in Atlantis Rising that was instrumental in helping to bring a lot
of awareness to Bedini's work for the modern day free energy enthusiasts.

Source: EnergeticForum

Saturday, November 13, 2010

NPE-bijeenkomst Zaterdag 11 december

Reeds lang tevoren is deze datum bekend gemaakt.
Echter de invulling van het programma moest nog gebeuren.

Wel er is weer veel te vertellen en laten zien.  (Bedini, TeslaSwitch, Waterstof, ..)
Daarom komen we Zaterdag 11 december weer bij ekaar in Zaandam

Het voorlopige organische programma
Daar waar mogelijk ruimte voor een korte bijdrage van deelnemers

10.00 uur zaal open
10.30 uur inleiding
10.45 uur
Manfred Golebiewski zal zijn ervaringen vertellen met zijn bouwprojecten zoals
de  Bedini generatoren, de Tesla Switch (solar uitvoering), de RotorVerter en ....
Verbaas je over zijn gedrevenheid.

12.15 uur
Roelof Horst zal zijn nieuwste ontwerp stralingmeters tonen.
Een mooi staaltje van techniek.  6 Ghz en data opslag voor langere meettijd.

12.30 Pauze
Lobby, er zijn broodjes, soep verkrijgbaar

13.00 film?- reserve blokje voor?
13.30 uur
Luc van der Lee vertelt ons over zijn scholen projekt.
Een project waar met 0.spoelen, lichtringen, Frequenties (Schumann) en magneten is gewerkt.
We hebben nu aangetoond dat  nulpuntenergie bestaat en ook  werkt!!.
Effecten: Betere leerresulaten, minder stress, minder zieken, ....
Willem de Ridder van WDRO.TV heeft er al een programma op Salto TV aan gewijd.
Er wordt momenteel druk gelobbyed meer scholen te gaan "biosaneren".

Mini workshop:
We gaan de aanwezigen leren hoe ze zo'n nulpuntspoel zelf kunt maken en waar op te letten.
Thee/koffie pauze
Floris Grootendorst - 
Floris en Daan zijn druk doende een aggregaat, voor eigen stroomvoorziening goedkoop op waterstof te laten lopen.
Vrij zijn van "het net" is ons streven.
Nog niet helemaal  Free Energy maar alvast wel voordeliger en onafhankelijk..
Hoe zijn de ervaringen tot nu toe? Dat ziet er goed uit.
De ontsteking is nu listig naar buiten de motor gebracht, waardoor je de timing goed kan regelen.
Verder is de gewone bougie vonk, vervangen door een plasma achtige ontsteking.
Met  deze plasma onsteking schijnt een veel effientere  verbranding te kunnen worden verkregen.
Je krijgt het allemaal te zien en te horen.
Dat scheelt weer met zelf het wiel te moeten uit vinden.

17.00 uur afronding middaggedeelte

18.00 uur
En omdat velen het natafelen zo zinnig (lobbycricuit) en fijn vinden weer een Chinese maaltijd
Kosten incl. 1x cons. € 10,00 -
Opgave vooraf of s'middag uiterlijk tijdens de theepauze (etensbon verkrijgbaar bij Hans D.)

20.00 uur afronding, opruimen

Bijdrage voor deze dag € 10,00  aan de zaal te betalen

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The amazing promises of the Zero Point Field

The story that you're about to read has created quite a stir among our editorial staff. The subject touches upon everything, literally everything that we humans do in our lives. And this is confrontational, disturbing and hopeful all at once. But that wasn't the only reason for the commotion. There was also a continual discussion about the way this topic should be introduced. After all, writing about an energy field that connects man and matter and continually affects everything and everyone is not as quite as simple as the average article. Tijn Touber, who locked himself away for weeks to write this amazing story, must have come close to desperation. Not only because of the comments we made and the continual discussions we had with one another, but also and especially because of the complexity of the issue. The words of Niels Bohr, the renowned Danish scientist, should have been a warning to us: 'Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it.' Hence, dear readers, you are forewarned. But there is some consolation: if at any time you cannot follow the story, you are in good company. Hold on tight. (Or better yet, let go.) -- The editors

Tijn Touber | November 2003 issue
Shireen Strooker is standing motionless in the middle of a large field, surrounded by 600 people. The gorgeous landscape under the mist of powerful Mount Rainier in the upper northwest of the United States is invisible to her. Shireen is blindfolded, as are all the others in the field. That morning they all made a drawing. The hundreds of drawings are now hanging on the fence along the edge of the field. The assignment: find your own drawing blindfolded.
Shireen does a meditation exercise, pictures her drawing and thinks: ‘I am the creator of the drawing and the spectator, I only have to become one with the drawing and it will automatically pull me towards it.’ Then, without bumping into anyone, she walks straight across the field and… picks out her drawing straightaway from among the 600.

Coincidence? Pure luck? You’d think so. But Shireen was not the only one to perform this implausible act that day. The results of this exercise involving the students of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment violate the laws of empirical probability theory. Apparently, humans are capable of ‘communicating’ with matter intangibly. The curriculum of this unusual school aims to prove that phenomena such as telepathy and clairvoyance are not wondrous mysteries, but gifts that every human being possesses and can develop. The unwritten slogan of the Ramtha’s school’s curriculum could be that there is more to the world than meets the eye.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Is AVIG the first electromagnetic free energy device to make it to market?

A Ukranian group is selling 1, 5, and 100 kilowatt electromagnetic overunity systems in a price range lower than solar power; and they claim to have 24 ready to ship anywhere in the world.  If it's real, this makes them the first exotic free energy device to emerge into the marketplace.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems NewsCopyright © 2010

A Ukranian group, XXI Century Energy, appears to have done what so many of us have been hoping to see for decades.  Not only do they appear to have created an electromagnetic generator that runs continuously without the need for fuel -- something that many have claimed over the years -- but they appear to have actually made it to market.

We're just now looking into this technology and have not yet gotten in touch with the company, but we hope to get some validation of their claims.

Their sales page says that they have 24 of these "AVIG generators" built and ready to ship anywhere in the world, with expected delivery time in Europe of 1 week.  If they indeed have such a unit available for sale, it makes them the first company to achieve the distinction of making it to market with an exotic free energy technology.  I say "exotic" in contrast to the more mainstream free energy genres of solar, wind, geothermal, tide, wave, hydro, run-of-the-river, etc.  We expect to see a lot more exotic free energy technologies emerge soon, including other electromagnetic overunity systems, noble gas engines, cold fusion generators, magnet motors, and even gravity motors.

XXI says they have 1 kilowatt, 5 kW and 100 kW systems available for sale.  When I click on the "add to shopping cart" button, it only shows the 1 and 100 kW systems as being "in stock".

Cold Fusion -- The answer to all our energy problems

AlienScientist presents a primer video about cold fusion, its history and aspects, along with the keys to its potential success as an energy solution, calling for the needed resources, including advocacy, research, theoretical development and funding to see it achieve its destiny.

Preface by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems NewsCopyright © 2010

AlienScientist has produced another outstanding video: this one about cold fusion, giving a brief primer about its history and operation, and giving a call to action to see it finally emerge as a well-deserving, supported field of science, to provide a solution to our fossil-fuel energy dependency.  He explains why the earlier experiments were hard to reproduce, and what we have learned in the ensuing years about the nature of the reaction and thus how to achieve the reliability needed.

Like Randy Powell in his presentation at TEDx Charolette on vortex mathematics, AlienScientist opens the segment with a response to Barak Obama's saying "We don't yet have the technological breakthroughs that can completely replace fossil fuels," retorting, "Oh really? Hmmm."