Saturday, July 20, 2013

Self-sustaining Home Power and Heat Generating Devices

A very few would happily pay more to be green. - But the large majority of us, almost everybody, would gladly go green to save money! - Get your own self-sustaining new energy, home electricity generator, and write it off your taxes!

The Venus Project Foundation is an arts, sciences and educational, non-profit 501(c)(3), national organization, based in New York City, United States. We are advocates of reason, common sense principles and ethical standards, operating within the U.S. territories only. Furthermore, we receive no funding from any governments, or any nation-less corporations.

We invite you to take a moment and reflect on the following questions. Would you prefer to sit idle, silently and do nothing, therefore die, a: in an oil war, or b: in a false flag operation, or c: in a nuclear meltdown disaster, or d: in a deadly devastating hurricane, or e: in the upcoming hell of global warming, or f: all of the above? - To help protect yourself, your loved ones, and to stop and prevent the said tragedies, would you be willing to fuel your home and your car, without the fear of causing and contributing to any of the mentioned on going and inevitable deadly circumstances?

The first goal is the public introduction to energy independent self-sustaining power generating devices, free from: oil, gas, coal and nuclear, for producing heat and electricity for homes and residential buildings, utilizing clean, green, never-ending, abundant and freely available energy, captured from the fabric of space all around us, some of which are clearly and extensively illustrated on our website.

The second goal is to provide tested, safe, high-quality, long-lasting, affordable and self-sustaining 20 KW power generating devices, in a very near future, at around January / February 2014, on a first come, first served bases, suitable for use in private homes in suburbia and brownstones 20’ x 100’ in size, maximum 3 story, not exceeding 5,000 square feet living space in total. Homes over 5,000 square feet shall require two power-generating devices.

Obviously the cooperative, condominium apartment buildings and other large commercial buildings will require the high power generating devices. We are unable to provide a definite donation amount for such buildings due to variations in size.

However, high performance Cold Fusion electricity generators such as the new mammoth 45 MW LENR plant generates 45 MW of heat and 15 MW of electricity at the estimated cost of 39 million, and the 1 MW electricity generator at the estimated cost of 1.8 million dollars are available.
1 megawatt (MW) = 1,000 kilowatt (KW).

The total cost of the home power-generating device, adequate for providing electricity and heat for 5,000 square feet of living space costs $X. - Yes, all it takes is only twelve thousand five hundred dollars tax-deductible donation to the Venus Project Foundation, to become completely energy independent, powering and heating your home. - And never again, needing any of the expensive and highly polluting elements, such as: gas, oil, coal, nuclear, and the power selling electric companies, thus reducing the dominance of the nation-less corporations in the fossil fuel and nuclear energy sectors.

And when the U.S. electrical grid upgrade to smart grid, currently in progress is completed, you would not only never pay another red cent for heat and electricity, you would actually make money by sending your excess electricity over to the smart power grid selling it to others who need it.

NOTE: We are going to setup a demonstration house for those who wish to see the self-sustaining power generating device, free from: oil, gas, coal and nuclear, at work, producing heat and electricity, before making their tax-deductible donation. We will be providing the location of the DEMO house to those who have signed-up, by e-mail when it is retrofitted and ready for public viewing.

Please make your $X tax-deductible donation check payable to:

The Venus Project Foundation
217 East 70th Street, No. 607
New York, NY 10021-0013


  1. There is now a completely portable (and ultra-high efficient ) solar power generator which produces up to 1800 watts of household electricity on demand when you need it most. Just visit this site and look for generate free electricity.

  2. As the population grow people should adjust and adopt on other way to create home power.

  3. I have no words for this great post such a awe-some panels for petrol station

  4. Good day, my name is Francois and I like to think of my self as a inventor. I have invented a self sustained generator that can generate +- 1000 kilowatts of electricity depending on the size of the device. It uses magnetic,kinetic and pneumatic forces to harness energy, as energy cannot be created only harassed. I know this sounds a bit far fetched but it is not. Wind can be one of the most destructive forces on the planet, that in it self is a row energy source that we already utilise, "wind turbines". Motion is a source of kinetic energy, and so on. My invention uses three of these forces to convert to usable self sustained clean energy that can be utilised for fuel free vehicles "land, air and water" it can power houses, the list of applications is endless. Feel free to contact me on +27 073 472 9311

    1. Francois, thank you for your message! My work is written in the subtext; what purpose this website serves. Namely: "A connection between brilliant minds dedicating their lives to find the ultimate free energy machine". I try to connect the inventors and people interested in this field of work, together. In the Netherlands we also have a network of people who are always looking for peers in this "fringe" science. If you seek contact with dutch inventors and networkers, I can advise you to contact some key people in this field of work : Dick Korf website: email: and Frank Bonte website: