Saturday, April 19, 2014

Nieuwsoverzicht Nulpunt Energie Groep Nederland

Foto: Frank Bonte van

Hierbij een kort overzicht van de nulpunt-energie groep.

Blijf je verbazen en geniet van elke dag.

Door angst blijf je steeds manipuleerbaar

Toen er nog geen geld was, was er vrije energie

Wees kritisch en blijf bij je gevoel.

Genoeg is genoeg.

Ja, toch

En wie gelooft onze media nog?

Lees de alternatieve media, er komen er steeds meer die wakker worden.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Free Energy Newsletter Peter Lindemann

English: plasma lamp Français : Lampe plasma. ...
English: plasma lamp Français : Lampe plasma. Română: Lampă cu plasmă. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
There have been a number of Big Announcements in the field of Free Energy in
the last month, and it's time to put some of this into perspective.


On April 3rd of this year, Blacklight Power, Inc. announced it had produced a
sustained reaction based on an extremely bright light source produced by a
plasma reaction and used to power photovoltaic cells to produce electricity. The
amount of electricity needed to sustain the plasma reaction is quite small when
compared to the total electrical output from the photovoltaic panels. I have
looked at this technology and consider it a legitimate and important development.