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Free Energy Newsletter Peter Lindemann

English: plasma lamp Français : Lampe plasma. ...
English: plasma lamp Français : Lampe plasma. Română: Lampă cu plasmă. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
There have been a number of Big Announcements in the field of Free Energy in
the last month, and it's time to put some of this into perspective.


On April 3rd of this year, Blacklight Power, Inc. announced it had produced a
sustained reaction based on an extremely bright light source produced by a
plasma reaction and used to power photovoltaic cells to produce electricity. The
amount of electricity needed to sustain the plasma reaction is quite small when
compared to the total electrical output from the photovoltaic panels. I have
looked at this technology and consider it a legitimate and important development.
A copy of their original Press Release can be seen at the following link:

The ability to produce an energy gain by producing a plasma reaction and
harvesting excess heat was first disclosed to me by a private research group a
number of years ago. Their system has been under development for years, and
is quietly moving toward implementation. So, Blacklight Power's claims are
completely believable and should be taken seriously. This is extremely good
news, and demonstrates a genuine method for the production of unlimited
amounts of electricity, at industrial levels, without the need to burn any fuel. This
is a story to watch, with interest.


In contrast to Blacklight Power's announcement, there has been another story
creating BUZZ in the discussion forums. This is the announcement, by an
anonymous poster going by the name of "hopegirl", that a new stand-alone
energy generator based on a design by the controversial group called WITTS,
has been replicated and the plans distributed on the internet. This
announcement should be viewed with extreme caution and skepticism, primarily
because the exact plans for the WITTS generator have never been released to
the public. I would have trouble believing this story even if they put a "working
model" on my kitchen table....LOL!


There have been a number of computer security issues in the news in the last
few weeks, including the "Heartbleed" problem at many of the internet servers, to
the smaller issue of Windows XP moving into an unsupported realm with regard
to new security breaches. This has caused both Jackie and I to move to a
Windows 7 platform recently.

The more important issue I believe, that has gotten much less notice, is the
security problem caused by the new "smart chips" in Credit Cards. We have
been told that these are safe and secure, but you won't believe that after you
watch this short film where a researcher "steals" the information off these cards in
a public mall.

If you have any Credit Cards with the new RFID chips in them, you may wish to
rethink how you protect them.


In response to public demand, John Bedini has developed a new, smaller version,
of the popular Solar Tracker 5 charge controllers. This unit is rated for 3 amps at
12 volts, and works perfectly with the 45 watt solar panel from Harbor Freight.
After the first announcement, they sold 25 units in 24 hours, and units will start
shipping next week. It's so new, they don't even have a complete write-up on the
website yet, but you can take a look here:


Registration is open for the 2014 Science and Technology Conference. If you
want to attend, register early, so you don't get left out. The speaker list and
presentation summaries are listed at the new website address:


Well, Aaron and I are just about done with the up-grade of our amazing manual
that shows you how to lower your utility bills by 50%. In the last 5 years, a
number of big shifts have happened in the availability of technologies that make
this process easier than ever before. This book is a "must have" if you are
wanting to save money, become more energy independent, or move completely
off the grid. We'll be releasing it in a few short weeks. If you purchase the
current version now, you'll get the up-grade for free when it becomes available:
Save On Home Energy

There is actually a lot more news I have to share, so I'll be sending another
Newsletter out to you in a few weeks.

But, that's the news for now. Thanks again for helping build a better world!

Warm regards,

Peter Lindemann, DSc
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