Thursday, April 16, 2015

Self-running QMoGen - EVIVA Demo 3 -- 4.3 kW

Free Energy QMOGEN Motor-Generator - EVIVA 3 demo free energy unitThis is the third video of the claimed Selfrunning Motor-Generator combination called EVIVA from Kiev, Ukraine..The inventors are looking for investment partners and funding I am told.This is already the 5 KWatts prototype.Here you can see it drive around 4.3 KWatts of incandescent bulbs lit up measured by a Fluke 435 digital scope and analyzer.

Here you see the first video of this series: [is] the second video: am told, that EVIVA Technology runs decentral and autonomously, around the clock without needing any fuel and is environmentally friendly. For the next development steps they are looking for investors and pioneers who want to see this technology fully developed for making it ready for the market.
Regards, Stefan.

Sources: PESWiki and Youtube