Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Peter Lindemann's Newsletter, August 2014

Well, it's been 7 days since my last Update. I'd like to wish a warm welcome to all
of the new people who signed up for this service during that time. If you are
interested, you can find many of my previous Update Newsletters on the
Newsletter Archive page of my website:

Amazing Energy Technology

Here's a quick story about a conventional energy solution that could be coming to
a neighborhood near you soon! It's called the Solar Roadway and it really is an
amazing idea. Take a look at this News Report from one of my local TV stations,
right here in Spokane, Washington.

SIXTH 2014 Conference Release

Today, we are releasing Mark McKay's conference presentation titled The Real History of the Ed Gray Motor, Part 2. This is Mark's second installment of
accurate, historical information regarding the Ed Gray technology. Here's how this
developed. In early February of 2014, I got a phone call from George Durnford,
an early supporter and investor in Evgray Enterprises, Inc. that I have kept in
touch with over the years. George is actually the source of most of the high
quality photographs of Gray's technology that I have had on my website for years.

He told me he had found some old audio tapes in his attic that had information on
them concerning the Ed Gray technology. As it turns out, the tapes were George
interviewing Richard Hackenberger and a few others at Ed Gray's old facility in
Van Nuys, California. I told him that that was awesome, that I was very interested
in what was on the tapes, but that I was swamped with work and wouldn't have
time to do anything with them for a while.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Steven Greer: Black Shelving (May 2014)

Listen to Dr. Greer's overview of the New Energy movement: devices, inventors, suppression, strategy. What has not worked and why and what will work to bring out energy systems that will change the world.

To purchase this special briefing in full, visit :

In order to research, develop and bring to the public a practical, working zero point energy system, we need a professionally staffed facility composed of the best engineers, physicists and researchers in the world.

We estimate that this can be done over a two year period at a nominal cost of $6.3 million for the initial R and D portion of the project.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hey, there is Paul Pantone!

FAQ on Geet

What does GEET mean?
GEET stands for Global Environmental Energy Technology. It also is a religious holiday in India and Pakistan as Geet means the scent the God gave to the flowers blooming in Spring.

What is GEET?
Will GEET work with my engine?
GEET is a Self Induced Plasma Generator. Or in simple terms, it is a device to reduce emissions while improving your mileage.

How does GEET work?
When the exhaust from a normal engine leaves the engine it contains a lot of unburned fuels and this is the pollution we end up having to breathe. The exhaust is so hot that here in Oklahoma, (USA), firetrucks can not have a catalytic convertor on them or they can start more fires than they are trying to extinguish. These hot and dirty emissions are before a GEET is installed. GEET begins by taking the “new Vaporized Fuel” up to the engine, while in a constant vacuum, through the center of the path of the exhaust leaving the engine. There is a rapid exchange of heat from the exhaust into the “new fuel”. The “New fuel” is called “GEET GAS”. GEET GAS implodes, pulling heat from the block of the engine and this reduces the heat buildup in the engine and the oils used for lubrication will last much longer.