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FAQ on Geet

What does GEET mean?
GEET stands for Global Environmental Energy Technology. It also is a religious holiday in India and Pakistan as Geet means the scent the God gave to the flowers blooming in Spring.

What is GEET?
Will GEET work with my engine?
GEET is a Self Induced Plasma Generator. Or in simple terms, it is a device to reduce emissions while improving your mileage.

How does GEET work?
When the exhaust from a normal engine leaves the engine it contains a lot of unburned fuels and this is the pollution we end up having to breathe. The exhaust is so hot that here in Oklahoma, (USA), firetrucks can not have a catalytic convertor on them or they can start more fires than they are trying to extinguish. These hot and dirty emissions are before a GEET is installed. GEET begins by taking the “new Vaporized Fuel” up to the engine, while in a constant vacuum, through the center of the path of the exhaust leaving the engine. There is a rapid exchange of heat from the exhaust into the “new fuel”. The “New fuel” is called “GEET GAS”. GEET GAS implodes, pulling heat from the block of the engine and this reduces the heat buildup in the engine and the oils used for lubrication will last much longer.

Will GEET work with my engine?
GEET can be adapted to fit ANYTHING that uses fuel. So YES.

Does GEET just “crack crude oil”?
GEET can be described as a miniature plasma fuel refinery. (See about GEET for a more in depth explanation). While giving a demonstration to the scientists who run BYU, in 1994, the GEET was running on Crude Oils and saltwater and the results were zero HC; zero CO; zero CO2, and more oxygen coming out the exhaust pipe that in the ambient air.

Can I buy a GEET generator today?
The 225 and 250kW gensets are being completed as we speak and will begin testing before the end of this year.

Can I build my own GEET?
Some dealers are offering GEET plans with hands-on help to customize to any engine which desire to retrofit. GEET International Institute does not set prices for products and prices may vary between Dealers. The parts are available through the GEET Dealers Association, as well as the plans.

Are there cars running on GEET?
Based on the hundreds of thousands of emails we have recieved, we estimate there are probably about 5000 vehicles world-wide running on GEET right now. Including cars, tractors, other farm equipment, and even a helicopter.

Can GEET be used on diesel engines?
Yes. Recently, one of our dealers, a 34-year-young lady from France, retrofit a 2-cylinder diesel engine in our shop, and was blown away when she smelled the exhaust had the scent of fresh flowers. We also have videos of many other Diesels running.

What fuels can I use with a GEET?
Gas, Diesel, kerosene, Crude oil, and even as much as 80% water. Classroom training is is necessary due to the increased complexity when mixing water with other perspective fuels.

Are there legal implications for the usage of GEET?
They vary from Country to Country.

In what countries is GEET available for use?
All Countries. If you want to become a Dealer, or simply come to school and then get Licensed to open in your own Country, contact us today.

Source: Youtube and Geetinternational

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