Monday, October 10, 2016

News Letter: Paul Babcock discloses proprietary info

It's been a few weeks since our last newsletter and we have a few updates here and a Rife Machine disclosure we're releasing right here!


Paul shares some of his proprietary information with those who called in a few weeks ago to ask him questions live. This includes his "Reduced Impedance Effect" in electromagnetic coils that was always thought to be impossible but he spells it out as well as other things that are mostly unknown about magnetism. Listen to the recording here:

The full presentations that go into all of this are the Magnetic Energy Secrets trilogy and the recent presentation by Paul on his DC External Field Interaction Motor disclosure available.


Here is a video tutorial on how I installed my patented plasma ignition system on a 1977 Datsun 620 pickup. This should be part of the paid book/video presentation but here you go:
When trying to start the car, the battery was drained to 2 volts and it was do dead it wouldn't even turn over once - just click - click - click.
If you do want to get more information on what the plasma ignition is really about, more than you ever wanted to know, just click the link and find out.

When hooking it to one of Bedini's miracle devices, with nothing more than topped up distilled water and electricity, it was brought back to like new condition in about 2 days - and it was already a 6.5 year old battery!

Check it out!


The Rife Machine is a very popular subject but unfortunately, most of the information available is misinformation based on misunderstandings and nearly all the devices that are available are all fake.

Many of these machines output a single frequency, they're in the audio range and based on some indisputable facts that are documented since the time of Rife, through Joseph Crane and to John Bedini, they really have nothing at all to do with what Rife was actually doing.

John Bedini worked with Joseph Crane (Rife's assistant) and it was Crane that started to use a common frequency generator thinking he was replicating what Rife was doing but he was not.

Watch the YouTube video on this page for a basic explanation of what makes a REAL Rife Machine and then make a decision if you want to get your hands on one or not while they're available -

A & P

Source: E-Media press

Monday, July 25, 2016

Tesla's self-acting engine?

Ernst is a member of Energetic Forum who has shared quite a bit of his work with his version of a Tesla Magnifying Transmitter.

Although A & P does not necessarily endorse his viewpoint on the matter, he has openly shared it and we’re passing this on to you.
In this discussion thread at Energetic Forum, you can find Ernst’s claims regarding his speculation that the TMT is not just an analogy of Tesla’s Self-Acting Engine but works on the same principles:
Tesla’s Self-Acting Engine works by simply creating a “perpetual” cold sink where heat can constantly move towards it, while producing mechanical work. Tesla has been quoted as saying it is his most important engineering accomplishment. This is over-simplified but is the basic idea in a nutshell.

Here is a link to a Google Drive document, which is a 66 page analysis by Ernst explaining the technical details:

Saturday, January 2, 2016

E-media News Letter December 2015

I've (Aaron) been out of town for nearly the entire month of December and just got back a week ago. Three days were spent at EPD Laboratories, Inc. with Eric Dollard documenting a lof ot he work he has been doing inside the lab with the transverse and longitudinal analog networks and outdoors with the seismic transmission line project. Ten days were spent at a forum with some serious movers and shakers who want to help get this "free energy" science out to mainstream. There are a lot of things coming so stay tuned...


The 2016 Energy Science & Technology Conference is rapidly coming together - we're confirming our final list of presenters. Out of 150 seats, there are only 119 left so please register now to lock in your seat. We're not taking payments until next year and after we have the full list of presenters available. Register now:


Years ago when Eric Dollard was with Borderlands, there were two videos produced that showed experiments with transverse (electromagnetic) and longitudinal (dielectric) analog networks. Eric is now working on the same thing in order to figure out the math necessary to make these networks for the seismic lines, which will completely remove velocity from the equation. That means there is no time delay between one end and the other. Here is one picture with more to come and videos as well - give it a LIKE on FB and share it around!


Here are some pictures of the seismic system transmission lines - a video will be coming as time permits - just scroll down - the latest posts are at the top.

There are lots more pics of the lab, several interviews, etc. and these will also be coming soon...


Here is an update on Eric Dollard's new paperback, which is originally called Lone Pine Writings. We have been asked for a long time to start putting our books into paperback form.

If you just want the E-book, get a copy here (the link above is for the paperback): Lone Pine Writings E-book


In Eric Dollard's presentation The Power of the Aether as Related to Music & Electricity, he concluded with a breakdown of JJ Thomson's equations, which are all about directly engineering the aether. Because of the huge demand this created for more work on JJ Thomson, the next book from Eric will be a few notebooks that focus just on this. There is a huge Volume 1 (made up of 5 notebooks) on transmission systems and numbers 4 & 5 of those 5 notebooks are on JJ Thomson. We'll be scanning those in and releasing that as an E-book to just get them out there ASAP. When there are the time and resources to have them transcribed for a paperback, we'll make it available as a paperback, but the next paperback will probably be Versor Algebra Part 1.


There are many models of the plug in and solar charge controllers built by John Bedini, which are greatly discounted at 15-20% off.

We get many questions on battery charging and rejuvenation and many of these questions are answered in the 2 free videos on the Tesla Chargers homepage. For THE definitive presentations on battery charging and rejuvenation for flooded cell lead acid batteries, we recommend Battery Secrets and Battery Rejuvenation by Peter Lindemann.

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