Monday, August 5, 2013

!! EMERGENCY !! ERIC DOLLARD in * DANGER * The Tesla Wizard from Lone Pine Needs your help!


If you have been following the "free energy" community over the years, you know that Eric Dollard is considered by many to be the modern-day Tesla!

You also may know that he has had many labs sabotaged, equipment stolen,his information has been suppressed, and the list goes on.

At this very moment, there is a very coordinated attack against Eric Dollard because he choose to stand up to his attackers and put his foot down once and for all!

Aaron Murakami, a long time open source experimenter and publisher of energy technologies did something that no other person would do... he stood up for Eric when Eric wanted to make this announcement public and nobody had ever done that before.

Because of this, a very evil and self-serving person who wanted to dominate and control everything that Eric did has done something that is so vile and disgusting that is has left many people in complete SHOCK!

This person could not stomach the fact that his plans for controlling Eric Dollard would be met with such opposition by not only Eric, but Aaron Murakami and the rest of the long-standing Free Energy community who are rallying together.

Eric spoke out against this person and you can hear this interview here - remember that Eric refers to himself as a human coyote since he has lived in the bush for the last 24 years so in this interview, Eric doesn't hold anything back - so beware.

In response, the conspirator himself, who is a distributor of pro-Adolf Hitler material, claimed that Eric was being manipulated with dangerous drugs by Aaron in order to control him and to put him against this evil and self-righteous person. This propaganda campaign is based on none other than Hitler's "Big Lie" where it is believed that the bigger the lie the more believable, as paradoxical as it seems.It is believed that there are enough weak-minded people who will believe a big lie.

This person has selectively edited footage of Eric Dollard talking about things in his distant past to make it look like it is the present. The challenge to this person is simple: SHOW THE UNEDITED FOOTAGE TO SHOW THE WHOLE CONTEXT IN WHICH IT WAS FILMED. Thus far, Aaron is the only one to have shown unedited audio and video footage of him and Eric Dollard.

Eric asked Aaron to have his copyrighted material removed from that person's website and this person started another propaganda campaign to claim that Aaron was making false copyright claims. That person also claimed that Aaron was shutting down his websites to suppress Eric's work. Little did he know that all the public records show that Aaron's site at Energetic Forum had been freely open sourcing Eric's work for the last 3 years and that is already starting to backfire on him.

In response to this, Eric Dollard was interviewed by Aaron again to address these copyright claims and you can listen to that here:

Aaron only had Eric's copyrighted info removed from the site and did not have his entire site removed as this person claims. You will learn that the person who is angry because Eric slipped from his grasp really pulled down his entire on his own in order to remove all the Adolf Hitler books and you can see the proof is right here:

1. Look at this live site:

2. Look at this Google cached site to see what was there before:

When you compare the two, the original site in Google cache had Adolf Hitler books and other Nazi books that are conveniently missing from the live site, which he put back up!

3. You can see the email of this person who owns and it is in Google cache. After Aaron exposed this person, he privatized his website information to hide the fact that he is really the owner of the site that promotes Nazi books. You can see the email, it will SHOCK YOU so beware.

What you see is that the owner is none other than the person who acted like he was Eric's biggest supporter when in secret, he was actually conspiring to destroy Eric by every means necessary.

He tried to make it look like those Hitler books were posted by a user named "WAD", but that is one of his many user names at a revolutionary site, which just happens to be owned by him! Big surprise! Here's PROOF: That shows that Ray Savant IS the owner of

Here is what Aetherforce's own team members are saying: President of Lab, Treasurer/Secretary of Lab and Apprentice of Eric Dollard their comments about these phony allegations that Eric is a drug addict (if you click the links - you can see their own quotes in full so you know they're not taken out of context):

"The entire 2 years I have known Eric I have never seen him do meth or have any behavior that suggests he is using meth." - John Polakowski, Eric's apprentice Eric Dollard

"In regard to Eric currently using meth, I have never seen him use it or had any indications of him being on meth in my experiences with him." -
David Wittekind, President of Eric's lab Eric Dollard

"I want to add my 2 cents to this idea that has been thrown about where Eric has been accused of being on meth. In the two years that I have been in contact with a very open and honest Eric Dollard, he has never said anything to make me believe that he was continuing to use meth after the Landers station was taken from him. I do not believe that Eric is currently using meth." - David Webster, former officer of Eric's lab Eric Dollard

Here is a comment from Aaron Murakami - "Not only was Eric not on Meth, he was cool as a cucumber while he was up here with me and this video proves it:


When you have the very members of Eric's organization who were portrayed in a video as being on the same team as the perpetrator openly stating that there was none of this drug usage, Aaron's claims are not only corroborated, Aaron and Eric's statements in the interviews are indisputably proven to be 100% true and accurate beyond a shadow of a doubt.

What can we do about this vile despicable creature of evil who is a radical Islamic cyber terrorist also known as "Muhamed" or "Tech Zombie"? Forward this email to every single person in your email contacts and post it far and wide all over the internet!
Together, we CAN stop this CYBER TERRORIST from going any further with his plans to destroy Eric Dollard. Aaron is receiving threats by email, phone, text messages, etc... The FBI Internet Crimes division already has all the information necessary to take action against the perpetrators.

When you watch the youtube videos linked to above (ALL 3 OF THEM), MAKE SURE TO LIKE THE VIDEOS AND SHARE THEM FAR AND WIDE! Together, we will make a difference for Eric Dollard so his work is not sabotaged any more!





P.S. We are * VERY EXCITED * to announce the release of Eric Dollard's presentation from the conference called:


You will learn about electricity in a way that has never been presented before in

textbooks or by any other expert. Eric Presentation will teach you that a spiraling

electromagnetic field is actually moving down the powerlines just like a driveshaft

and more!

To hear the interview with Peter Lindemann and Eric Dollard from day before
yesterday, go here:

To support Eric's lab, share this link:


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