Friday, August 16, 2013

Conventional Wind Power Meets Exotic Free Energy

A company out of southern California has an ideal name for exotic free energy roll-out, and their present focus on a new wind turbine design gives them a place to conceal working exotics to help the turbine performance, while enabling a toe-hold for exotic modality advancement, both in credibility and revenue.

Nearly from the beginning of my involvement of tracking free energy technologies, we've talked about putting up solar panels on a house as a decoy so that people don't think anything of it when they see a house with the lights on during a power outage, while the house is actually powered by an exotic free energy modality. Solar panels have gotten so cheap. It's the racking, batteries, and inverters that are expensive.

Now apply that idea to wind turbines, except rather than the turbines being complete decoys, they still operate on wind power -- but with assistance from other, more exotic technologies, that society is not yet ready to embrace. It's a way to ramp up production, prove performance, establish a revenue stream, build a customer and network base, while increasing the shift away from our present reliance on polluting fossil fuel technologies and dependence on the grid.

In the past few days, I've become aware of a breakthrough wind turbine company that is well-connected, financed, but most importantly, which seems to be open to some of the more exotic power solutions that we focus on. Even though presently their focus is on the "next generation of wind turbine", their name (anonymous for now), has the potential have a much broader coverage. It is an awesome name that suits exotic free energy very well. And because of their name, they've had quite a few very interesting people contacting them.

At the same time, because they are presently involved in conventional technology -- wind -- they have the financial, business, government, and other support that will enable them to get a very strong foothold.

For example, they have a letter of intent from an Asian country to install what will be one of the largest wind farms in the world using their technology. They also have an offer from one of the largest installers of wind energy turbines in the world to construct and install their turbines at a wind farm in northern United States.

This company has indicated that they would be very open to working with an exotic free energy technology to pair with their wind turbine technology, thus increasing the turbine's apparent efficiency: enabling it to start at a slower wind speed, and produce more power across all speeds.

For example, a working magnet motor technology would be an awesome match. It would help them meet their stated objectives/advantages of: "Fully operational 100% of the time, 365 days a year; Produces power from 1 mph - 250 mph [wind]; Wind-to-power ratio is 69% -- almost 3 times as much power is extracted from the wind."

Of course some people might wonder why the turbine would continue to spin even when there is no wind, but since they're not standing up where the turbine is mounted many feet above the ground, they'll just assume there is wind up there that they can't perceive on the ground.

The ones who will have the most puzzlement will be the engineers taking the data, who know the wind speed versus the rotation speed and the resulting torque and electricity generated, wondering how a system could be exceeding theoretical limits. "It's proprietary," is all they need to know. Then, when many thousands of these have been sold and installed, the secret is sure to get out, and it's a secret whose revealing will give credibility to the "fringe" technologies that until then had been considered "junk science." It will increase the stature of the company and enable them to branch into some of the more exotic technologies without decoy, and shift into the broader meaning of their name.

Source: PESN

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