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Peter Lindemann's Free-Energy Newsletter, September 19, 2012


Well, it's been about five weeks since my last Update. I'd like to wish a warm welcome to

all of the new people who signed up for this service during that time. If you are interested,

you can find all of my previous Update Newsletters on the Newsletter Archive page of my


Well, the situation on this Planet sure is heating up! And I don't just mean the climate.

There are two significant trends happening that deserve a mention. The first is that in the

last month, there have been mass demonstrations against "something" almost

everywhere. Starting with the South African mine strike, the on-going European "bail-out"

demonstrations, the anti-Putin demonstrations in Russia, and most recently, the fury over

the anti-Islamic film on YouTube. People everywhere are saying "you have to respect us,

and we're not going to take it anymore".

The second big event is that now all four major Central Banks of the USA, European

Union, Britain and Japan are all propping up their economies with another round of

"quantitative easing". This means the Central Banks are creating money out of nothing to

purchase Government Bonds and other financial instruments. These processes are

"stabilizing" in the short-term, but inflationary in the long-term. The reason they are doing

this is that the entire Planetary Economy is slowing down and they are trying to stimulate

growth. It won't work, but watch for food, energy, and precious metal prices to move to

new highs in the next 6 months.

People need a serious shot of HOPE and something that adds REAL VALUE to the

economy. Breaking the "Solutions Embargo" in energy and health technology is exactly

what the world needs right now.


In the last 10 years, there has been a gigantic explosion in knowledge about things that

are extremely small. In one such development, the Department of Energy is looking

seriously at capturing the energy of "infrared radiation" using an array of nano-antennas

printed on plastic or metal foil. Preliminary tests show that solar energy can be converted

into electricity at a staggering rate of 80%! That is 4 times better than any solar panel

available today. What's more, these new panels may be very cheap to manufacture, and

make capturing other "waste heat" sources possible too. This is a very promising

development, and I encourage you all to learn more about it and keep your eyes open for

further announcements in the future.

Here are links to two articles on this new technology:

Remarkably, this is not a new idea. Back in 1975, an inventor named Charles Brown

received a patent for an array of nano-diodes that rectified ambient heat (infrared

radiation) to produce electricity AND refrigeration effects. Back then, Brown's invention

was universally ignored. Let's hope the new nano-antenna invention comes to market,

soon! If you are interested in a little bit of history, here are two links to learn more about

Brown's nano-heat converter:

These two methods of tapping into the heat of the ambient environment are proving that

the Natural World is just loaded with energy, and we don't need to find any new sources to

meet our future energy needs. Solar heat and industrial waste heat are everywhere and

could be used to make electricity on a gigantic scale.

Another nano-technology that is having a huge impact on people's lives is the Redox

Signaling supplement called ASEA. Made from "electrically re-arranged salt water", ASEA

has 16 molecules in it that are no more than 4 atoms wide. These "nano-particles" can

penetrate through the skin and through every tissue in the body. They even pass through

the "blood-brain barrier". These molecules are exactly like the compounds made inside

your cells by the mitochondria when they make the ATP that powers metabolism.

Supplementing with ASEA makes your cells do what they normally do, just faster and


I know I have talked about ASEA before, but I wanted to share with you some new

developments. Recently, a double blind, cross-over study was done with ASEA and a

placebo to determine its benefits to athletes during exercise. The PhD scientists involved

in the study were all pretty amazed. The results of the study are discussed in this short


The company is committed to world-wide distribution of ASEA as soon as possible. The

product is currently available in 10 countries, including the USA, Canada, Italy, France,

Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Slovenia, Ireland and the UK. If you would like to

understand how this amazing product was developed, please watch this short film:

Also, if you want to learn more, go here:

or call Jackie or me on the phone, (509) 921-6960.

Finally, I would like to tell you about, what I think is, the most important product we have

ever offered. It's called Advanced Motor Secrets, and it is Part 3 of the Conference

Series we have been releasing. This is the lecture by Dave Squires on how to design and

build electric motors with a COP>1. This lecture tells all! Dave goes through everything a

design engineer needs to know to jump right into success in this field. It covers the

magnetic theory, the math, the design method, and even the current state of prototyping.

Back in 2007, I started teaching these principles in my Electric Motor Secrets

lecture. Here, Dave takes what I began, and throws you the "Hail Mary Pass" into the end

zone! If you can't score with this, then you need to switch to the Cheer Leader squad.

This film covers all of the engineering details necessary to understand at least ONE REAL

WAY to make an OU electric motor!

I'd also like to thank all of you who have purchased the other films from the Conference.

This Series is definitely the best information we have ever released and I deeply

appreciate all of your support. For those of you who have been spectators, I encourage

you to learn all you can before the world economy goes completely "sideways". For your

convenience, here are some quick links to previous releases:

Magnetic Energy Secrets

Perpetual Motion Reality

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for making this a better world.

Warm regards,

Peter Lindemann, DSc

© Copyright 2012

Clear Tech, Inc.

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