Thursday, February 28, 2013

Harnessing Tide Energy via lifting force of large vessels

We received a couple of submissions from Galen Maloney, VP of Nautical Torque Technology

"Nautical Torque Technology is a clean-tech start-up company based out of San Francisco, California with a workshop in San Rafael, CA. Our patented process takes advantage of the energy potential in large particles of slow moving mass (LPSMs) by coupling the vertical force of tidal movement with the weight of the LPSM. Our process utilizes thelifting capacity of water rather than the actual force of the water as in tidal and wave power. Every day, LPSMs, in the form of ships, barges and tankers move up and down with the incoming and outgoing tide. Inventor and founder, Cahill Maloney, developed the concept over 10 years and has teamed up with various mechanical engineers and designers, to construct the initial proofs of concepts and working models."

 a crude prototype they demonstrated at the 2012 Cleantech Open

June 21, 2012


Generating electricity from the up and down movement of large particles of slow moving mass such as ships and vessels.


Rather than use the horizontal force of water as in hydro, tidal and some wave power, we utilize the lifting capacity of water instead. As the saying goes, the rising tide lifts all boats. Large ships and vessels are the input source, and rise and fall with the incoming and outgoing tide. We attach them to our gearing system and equipment, which we locate on stationary platforms, piers and docks. The movement of the vessels creates torque, and continuous rotational movement, which we turn into electrical production. The equipment is neither submerged nor offshore, which greatly reduces development costs.

We have constructed a proof of concept, and from testing this device, we estimate that a 20,000ton container ship (the average size of a container ship) could generate up to 20Mw/hour of electricity, with cost of development under $40 million.

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