Friday, March 30, 2012

Unification Coil Overunity!! Voltage & Amperage Measurement!!

Here, I am demonstrating a full measurement of Overunity with amps and volts. This setup is capable of creating Ozone with open ends as well; which I found pretty interesting. With a better amplifier, the overall overunity can be boosted into the kV range for expanded lighting. Blessings. :)

What the heck is this device, and how does it work?

This is all accomplished using Vortex Based Mathematics. It's a new technology that is slowly emerging. You can search Marko Rodin, Randy Powell, and Rodin Coils for more information regarding the background of this research. Have fun; it will open up many avenues of interest once you do.

Is your power going into the power supply of the amp? or the input?

I'm sorry my friend, I'm not quite understanding your question. The sound frequency is passed through the amplifier and then inputted into the coil. The output is then used for the purpose of high voltage lighting.

As i understand you make from frequency - power?

This is correct my friend; we are able to use a sound frequency input in the Khz range at low amperage in order to harness energy from the Earth or space vacuum in order to create a boosted electrical output.

What happens when current is no longer a factor?

Current is deduced by the amount of resistance in the system... How much force is needed to push a limited amount of voltage potential to do a certain amount of work. What happens when you have an endless pool or reservoir of energy that will allow you to operate even heavy machinery using more voltage and minimal current? Have a look at the latest Joseph Newman Motor here on youtube "power beyond perpetual motion". Perfect example!!

Source: Youtube

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