Monday, March 2, 2015

Free Tesla science book: On Light and Other High Frequency Phenomena

E-Mediapress has issued a free e-book on the science of light and high frequency signals, that was delivered before the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia, February 1893, and before the National Electric Light Association, St. Louis, March 1893 by Nicola Tesla.

Tesla's Method of Conversion is an important concept that any "free energy" enthusiast should understand. If a refrigerator or other appliance is running that has an electric motor, it has electromagnetic coils that get charged up. If the power is instantly turned off, these magnetic fields collapse very fast and induce a very high voltage and low to no current spike. These high voltage spikes can shoot down your electrical wiring and destroy electronics that are connected to the same line. There are different forms of protection built into different power supplies, etc. that can turn your electronics off before the high voltage spike can destroy them. The conventional thought on these high voltage spikes or "inductive spikes" is that they're useless and need to be grounded out but Tesla knew better...

To read more, you can download the free e-book: On Light and Other High Frequency Phenomena

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