Monday, March 10, 2014

Energy Times Newsletter March 2014

The Tesla Science Foundation and Tesla Vision interviewed Eric Dollard recently on Tesla Talk. The hosts were Mr. Samuel Mason and Mr. Zoran Pilot. They're doing some great work connecting different networks of Tesla enthusiasts and we're looking forward to doing a whole lot more with them. They've very positive and are absolutely dedicated to helping to bring the vision of Tesla to the world.

Tesla Vision's website is: and you can see other interviews. Here is a direct link to the interview with Eric Dollard:


Quite a few people have asked what Paul Babcock and Jim Murray's presentation will be about at the 2014 Energy Science & Technology Conference. It will be on using reactive power in motor/generators as an energy source. It is based on a four quadrant theory similar to what Eric Dollard teaches and there are plans to actually show a demonstration, which is something almost nobody has ever seen.

If you don't have a background to know what this means - in simple terms, it uses something that is supposed to be impossible to use as a power source - but it IS possible - Paul and Jim are masters of the art.

If you do have a background in engineering and know what the implications of this means, then it is an obvious no-brainer that this is one of the most important conferences you could ever come to. There are only 113 seats left and with 4 months, left, register now to lock in your seat. You can plenty of time to send your payment but get your seat locked in while you can!


Back in October, Matt McMahon of Dark City Radio interviewed Paul Babcock, I only just put this up on youtube and you can listen to it here:

Also, Eric Dollard did another video recording where he answered a lot of questions posted on his Facebook page:

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