Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cold Fusion: A Story of Suppressed Technology

Proponents Ridiculed by Official Science
Destroyed & Silenced

This documentary was produced as an episode of the US TV series "Phenomenon: The Lost Archives" and it originally aired in 2000, the last year a TV series like that could likely get made.

It tells a vile story of large-scale corruption in science and the personal destruction of an accomplished American scientist, who has since forfeited his US citizenship and become a national of France. His elder work partner had a more deadpanned response: "People were telling us, 'What are you trying to do? Break the laws of nuclear physics?' And that's exactly what we were doing - and succeeding, you see."

Ten years have come and gone since this show aired - and 21 years since Pons & Fleischmann offered their discovery to the world. We've heard a lot more about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan in the intervening years than we have about cold fusion.

Source: Forbiddenknowledgetv

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