Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Magnetic vortex - experimental proof

The video linked here shows experimental proof of the existence of a magnetic vortex. The direction of rotation changes when magnetic polarity is reversed.
Usually, we see magnetic field lines shown as bending straight back from one end of the magnet to the other. Correctly, what should be shown is magnetic lines of force in a vortex configuration, with flow spiraling into the magnet (or out of it) in a right-hand or left-hand turning motion, depending on the magnetic polarity.
It appears to me that the separation of magnetic poles, and the tension that is created by this stable distancing of two opposing poles, creates rotation which, incidentally, is the seed of all matter.
The work was done by Pedro Alexandre Lino Silva, a Portuguese free energy researcher. His site is http://linoavac.no.sapo.pt/
Source: PesWiki


  1. http://linoavac.no.sapo.pt/magneticplainmotor2.jpg




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  4. Hi

    Please download, read and share this pdf:

    This document explains how to create a magnetic vortex: without using any fuel or energy input whatsoever, and use it to harvest electrons and assemble them into usable streams (electricity).

    If you think that my ideas/design has any merit please share it.

    Many thanks.

    peace, love & respect

    peter dunn

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