Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Start the new year with the 5th edition of The Quantum Key by Aaron Murikami!

Happy 01/01/2013!

To commemorate this once in a 500 lifetime opportunity to be alive during the transition from one age to the next, the 5th Edition of The Quantum Key is launching today. In the spirit of enlightenment the intention is for this book to inspire by showing natural principles of physics as they are and not as they have been wrongly interpreted for the last couple hundred years.

There are multiple very simple and easy to understand examples with simple mathematical formulas that anyone can calculate, which show very clear violations of the 1st and 2nd laws of thermodynamics since in reality, all natural systems are open non-equilibrium thermodynamic systems. If you can do elementary school math and can follow some junior high school formulas, you can see the reality of this too.

There are also clear violations of the Law of Conservation of Momentum, energy conservation, etc... and you can even prove these violations with a very simple experiment that costs you about 25 cents to perform.

There are a couple new chapters that were not in the past editions and the last chapter on practical applications has been revised to show some of my favorite real life devices that produce more energy on the output than we have to input. Does that mean extra energy has to come from somewhere else? Of course it does - it isn't magic or mysterious. The entire skeptical conventional conversation about this kind of claim is completely debunked in this book along with an analysis of the false arguments by conventional "skeptics".

When you see the examples, it will be more than apparent that in retrospect, this is all common sense and the classical isolated/closed system 1st and 2nd thermodynamics not only do not apply to the open systems, they actually don't describe any natural system in the universe that we know of.


The Quantum Key Book

Enjoy today 01/01/2013 - The Beginning is here!
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