Thursday, October 6, 2011

E-Cat Gets Some Attention in Dutch Public TV Documentary

Andrew Rossi's cold fusion technology got some long-overdue mainstream news coverage last week.  The company, General Fusion's technology also was covered in the segment about the state of hot and cold fusion.

by Benny Vluggen
for Pure Energy Systems News

On September 21 I saw a documentary on Dutch public television about Solar activity and the state of Hot and Cold Fusion.

I think this was the first time Rossi's e-Cat got some attention in a main stream TV program, at least here in the Netherlands.

The documentary is in Dutch but there are many English spoken parts.

The part about cold fusion starts at about 19:55m and Rossi's e-Cat is spoken about from 20:20. [And following that is a segment on General Fusion]

Overall they are very skeptical about Rossi's claims. [They do show both positive and skeptical views.] They state that they tried several times to contact Rossi to arrange a visit/demo, but that Rossi declined that and was very fuzzy about why that was the case. They did instead interview Sven Kullander which was one of the scientists that attended one of the demos/tests as you know.

Tony Done (head of research of the ITER project) doesn't believe the claims of Rossi, calling it non-scientific, and mentions the lack of mainstream publications by Rossi and states Rossi has an obscure history in which he made false claims.

I added a comment to put things a bit more in perspective and mentioned the upcoming test of October 6. (Link)

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