Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Aviso Ponders Open Sourcing his Self-Running Electric Car Technology

 Ismael Aviso is considering open sourcing his technology that harvests energy from the environment on the fly to keep a 11-kW DC motor running.  He said he'll give it three months to decide whether to continue the investor route, or pursue the open source route.  Both involve common pre-requisite steps including plans preparation, replication....
Ismael Aviso talks about his self-running electric car as it is being tested at the Philippine DOE facility February 24, 2011.

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

If ever there has been a need for a cheap alternative to oil it is now, with unrest in the Middle East driving up oil prices and the world's economy spiraling downward.  And gratefully it looks as though a solution is arising from a humble yet brilliant inventor in the Philippines.

We have posted several stories this month about Ismael Aviso, the Filipino inventor who has come up with a way to keep a single 12-volt battery topped off, which powers an 11-kilowatt DC motor to power his electric car, pulling energy from the environment in the tradition ofNikola Tesla's Pierce Arrow.

We're talking an electric car that could drive endlessly, without having to stop to recharge, because the charge is coming from the surroundings, continuously.  Not only that, we're talking a solution that is cheaper than oil and cheaper than the traditional electric vehicle.  So not only does it break our addiction to oil, but it eases the financial pressure that we've grown accustomed to with having to pay so much to fill up a tank.

Could it really be true?

I've been covering free energy since 2001, and I have to say that this one looks really good.  While there are a lot of highly promising clean energy technologies coming forwarding right now, this one is a leader.


This past week Aviso had two milestones.  First, his technology was featured on the biggest national television channel.  Second, his technology was tested by the Philippine Department of Energy, whose full report is pending next week. (Ref.) The test showed that his DC motor was just 45% efficient when running off outlet power, which is about what you would expect for a typical DC motor; but when it was hooked up to Aviso's on-board ambient antenna system, it ran at 133% efficiency – overunity.  This is the first instance that I know of in which a nation's department of energy has validated any kind of overunity system that pulls energy from an unseen and not yet understood source.

Acting on Aviso's request of several months, the Philippine government set up a special energy investigating team TEC (Technical Evaluation Council) to review his technology; after evaluating the credibility of Aviso's videos showing the potential of energy power; as well as considering that he had traveled to places like Sweden, Britain, and the Caribbean Islands to demonstrate his discovery to possible investors.

Aviso originally came up with the technology concept on his own, then fine tuned it with help from numerous people on forums. Simply put, he said he combines the high frequency shorting effect pursued by Nikola Tesla, with the back EMF from the DC motor, to create a carrier wave to harness ambient energy. (Ref.)

Aviso estimates that once commercial, a retrofit of an existing vehicle might cost around $4,000 retail – and this would enable a once-petrol vehicle to be electric, with a battery pack that stays charged, even as it is driving down the road.

Here's a video that our friend, Ashtweth of Panacea-BOCAF, compiled yesterday from recent video footage, adding a voice-over description, talking about the antenna system that harvests ambient energy from the surroundings, the repelling force, the recent coverage on Philippines Channel 7, and the recent collaborative testing by the Department of Energy. Finally, he encourages donation support of this breakthrough team.

Options for Moving Ahead

I had a long chat with Aviso on Friday. He agrees that open sourcing has some compelling advantages, and is compatible with his personality.  He wants to help as many people as quickly as possible with as affordable a product as possible. He sees the downward spiral of civilization, and he would like to see his technology used as effectively as possible to provide a solution. But there are also some reasons for him to consider going a more traditional route.

He told me he would like to take about three months to decide which direction to go. He is in a stage now that the things he needs to work on are needed for whichever direction he goes. He heeds to codify a set of plans that detail how he does what he does. He needs to work out a few bugs. He needs to have someone replicate the technology to show that it can be done by someone else. Also, he wants to continue developing the other technologies including the repelling force and the MEG (motionless electromagnetic generator).

Once a sufficiently stable and reliable version of his EV technology is achieved, if he were to open source those designs, the technology could be dispersed almost overnight worldwide via the Internet, creating millions of jobs, and giving people an energy solution that can help them save money and graduate from their dependence on the grid, both for fuelling their vehicles and powering their homes and businesses.

Some of that could be accomplished by going a more traditional route of getting patents, engineering for production, licensing.  But that typically takes years, and does not distribute to the planet nearly as quickly.

And there is the safety consideration as well. The longer it takes Aviso to get the technology out to a critical mass, the longer he is vulnerable.  Not everyone is anxious to see these kinds of solutions arise.  Open sourcing can quickly take the bull's eye off his back by spreading the knowledge among a wide set of people, like opening Pandora's box.

Open sourcing doesn't mean just giving the technology away. (Ref.) Any commercial venture would be expected to provide a royalty of say 7%, most of which would go to the inventor, with a portion going to those entities (e.g. PES Network, OverUnity.com, Panacea BOCAF) that administer and propagate the project. This would apply to plans, components, kits, finished units, franchises. Without a patent, enforcing those provisions would not be possible other than through honor – people being willing to do the right thing, and those who don't being known as being outside of integrity. I think that most people and groups will do the right thing and be honorable. But patents can be filed in an open source route as well (if they are filed prior to public disclosure, of course).

One thing that argues against open sourcing is the difficult of building the design. At this point, it could take a couple of weeks of one-on-one training to instruct someone else on how to build the system. But that is likely to be simplified as certain difficult components are made available in a kit, such as the transistor Aviso designed. From what I can gather, once things are streamlined, we're probably talking about $400 in materials, including the DC motor, and about three days of work to build a system from a kit; which could then propel a small vehicle endlessly at lower speeds. That's the starting point, which will improve with the open source community coming up with ways to characterize, optimize, and improve the design for different scales of application.

There have been more than 40 different people who have invested so far in Aviso's technology over several years, some as long as seven years ago. He will have to answer to them for whatever direction he decides to go. They will want a return on their investment, and they certainly deserve as much. They will also probably be involved in the decision about which way to go, so they will need to be convinced that open sourcing will work well.

Aviso has had a number of people approach him about investing, and he is considering some of their offers. What is important to him is to make sure that the technology stays accessible at a price point that can be affordable by as many as possible, rather than trying to get away with as high a price point as the existing market might handle. Investor types typically push him to get as quick a return as possible.

Special Appeal

Aviso has pretty much exhausted the investment funds that have come in so far, and he needs funds to continue.  He has many finance offers coming in, but they have a price.  Once he selects a big investor, open source will not be an option.

I would like to make a special appeal to the free energy community and friends to step forward in a major way to show our support of his technologies and noble intentions to uplift mankind. If we show him strong support, while he's deciding which way to go in the next three months, it will be more likely that he will choose the open source route. And even if he doesn't, the support funds will still go toward a technology that can profoundly help the planet.

He needs funds not just for his R&D work, but also for his personal sustenance in supporting his family, inasmuch as he has been devoting his time to this project.  Some of his budget needs include the following:

    * Hire semiconductor expert
    * Special hardware
    * Machine shop access with CNC capability
    * Security for personnel, family, and equipment
    * Ready dynamometer testing access
    * A real car to retrofit
    * Patent attorney, filing fees

We'll also want to hear from those of you who might be in a position to travel to Manila to spend some time learning directly from Aviso (under NDA), work on writing up plans, and especially replicating (under NDA) once the plans are available, to show the adequacy of the plans and help characterize, optimize, and improve the design. There will be other skill sets needed as the project progresses.  Here are a few that I can think of off the top of my head, each of which will need volunteers, and some of which could turn into jobs once money starts flowing from the sale of plans, kits, components, etc...:

    * Build a special website specific to raising capital for Aviso R&D and his personal support, with the same look and feel as Ron Paul's money bomb site.  (Ref.)  I've registered FreeEnergyEV.com for that purpose, forwarding it for now to our PESWiki feature page on Aviso's technology.
    * Run a money bomb (e.g. in a week or two), once we get scheduled on a big show likeCoasttoCoastAM, to target raising x amount (a few million) in a 24 hour period, hitting as many of the major alternative media sites as possible during that time.
    * Get key spokespersons such as Gerald Celente to get excited about pushing this initiative as they go around speaking to the media, giving people hope, and a way they can help.
    * Get some marketing help for giving a compelling image and draw to this initiative, with contests, awards, etc..
    * Forums:
          o Aviso-OS - A discussion group for planning and coordinating the logistics of open sourcing Ismael Aviso's self-charging electric vehicle.
          o Aviso_EV  - A group for the development, replicating, characterization, optimization, improving of the Ismael Aviso self-charging electric vehicle project.
          o Aviso_News - Newsletter
    * Once open sourcing, Aviso envisions a call center with a hundred trained engineers to answer questions from people as they build these systems and retrofit their cars and generators for powering their homes.

Aviso said he would re-evaluate approximately every 15 days and make his final decision at least by the end of three months.


So here we are at this crossroads in history.  Civilization is quickly falling apart, while a remedy is available that can prevent its demise.  Check out this story that I wrote a few days ago: Free energy antidote to $4-7/gallon gas; $200/barrel oil; dollar collapse.

A little help to this proven technology can speed its development to a point that it can be open sourced for viral transmission to the world via plans, kits, and cottage industries springing up everywhere to make these retrofits using off-the-shelf materials available worldwide, inexpensively.  We can break our addiction to oil; create millions of jobs; and empower individuals so they no longer have to worry about survival but can pursue the God given talents latent inside, enabling them to shine many times brighter than when they were mere slave to the corrupt system.

Consider this a peaceful act of revolution, not just for future generations but for our immediate future.  I don't know about you, but I like warm showers and electricity.  Yes, we need to stop our mindless consumerism that equates purchasing stuff with value; but there are some comforts in life that I think are good and beneficial.

With your support, within three months we could see plans spread worldwide, launching this peaceful revolution.

I would like to see each and every one of the supporters of free energy to chip in and help with at least a little donation, even if it's just $5.  We have a few thousand people worldwide who tune in regularly to our news.  If each of you gave at least a little, that could make a huge difference.  And some of you are able to give a lot more.

I don't know about you, but I don't want Rockefeller, Kissinger, and others of that ilk to win in their designs to mow down our civilization and freedom.  We have the tools to win.  Let's do it.  A free energy device like this could make a huge difference, both in shaking off their power over us, and in empowering individuals to rise to their full God-given abilities.

Look out corrupt world, awakened humanity is on the rise!



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