Thursday, February 28, 2019

Eric Dollard - History and theory of electricity

This very interesting story involves forgotten and supressed science about electro-engineering. The people who pioneered in the science and experiments in the beginning of last century are introduced; who they were and what they did. Some would call it fringe science, but actually it is very real but supressed.
Scientists and engineers like Tesla, Edison, Marconi, Steinmetz and many more are responsible for the basic knowledge and truth about electric energy, known today by very few scholars.

Eric Dollard is one of the priveliged engineers who had the brains and the time to study all of these brilliant works from a young age. He encourages people to follow into his footsteps to preserve and experiment, based on this old knowledge, and study this elaborate field of science with great vigor.

Watch and enjoy his speach. Eric Dollard gave this presentation at the Tesla Society around 2007.

Source: Youtube

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