Monday, November 3, 2014

New! Bedini SG Advanced Book

Today, I am extremely happy to announce the release of the third book in the
Bedini SG Series, titled Bedini SG, the Complete Advanced Handbook. This is
the book that the whole Free Energy community has been waiting for! Not only
does it document how far John Bedini has been ahead of the field, but for the first
time, it completely explains the operation of the Low-Drag Generator that he
invented in 1983. The problem back then was, when he published the plans,
there was no explanation of why it worked, so no one believed it, and almost no
one built it to find out what it did.

This book solves that problem by thoroughly describing the design, the
schematics, the operation, the magnetic force vector analysis, the Lenz Law
avoidance method, and everything else you need to know to fully understand how
it works, and how to build a Low-Drag Generator for yourself. If you understand
what this means, you know it is the "holy grail" of Free Energy.

With the world literally coming apart at the seams, it was finally time for John to
let his full story be told. Other highlights of the book include a complete
description, with dimensions and schematics, of the famous "Watson Machine"
demonstrated at the Tesla Centennial Symposium in Colorado Springs in 1984. In
comments recorded immediately after this presentation, John was quoted as
saying he believed the machine could power the entire Conference Center.

These two revelations alone make the book worth a fortune, but there are actually
dozens of other details that, when taken together, make this the most valuable
book ever published in this field. So, just to be clear, if you have ever wanted
know the full operating details of a totally self-running machine based on a
combination of an electric motor and an electric generator, then this is the book
you want!

Get your copy now: Bedini SG Advanced Book

The book package comes with a copy of my one hour presentation at the 2014
Energy Science and Technology Conference
where a demonstration machine
was shown all weekend, lighting a bank of 40 LEDs from a generator coil without
slowing down the machine. Over 150 people at the conference saw this done on
stage, and could walk up to the unit running in the vendor/display area any time
they wanted to.

Turning the lights ON and OFF made no significant changes to the speed of the
machine, the amount of electricity it was drawing from the front battery, or the
amount of electricity it was returning to the back battery. You can watch this done
on the film and see the full data on a similar set of tests reported on in the book.
Exactly how this works is fully revealed! You can learn more about this amazing
book package at this link.

Get your copy now: Bedini SG Advanced Book

Plus, now that all three SG Handbooks are available, there is a new Combo
Pack for the entire Trilogy
. There are a lot of references to the earlier books in
this Advanced Handbook, so having all three makes everything completely
clear. If you don't have the earlier Beginner's and Intermediate Handbooks yet,
they are highly recommended to round out your complete understanding of this
technology. To get the whole Trilogy

go here: Bedini SG Trilogy

I can't emphasize enough how important this bo
ok release is. Everything
published in the earlier Handbooks was done so you would know enough about
the science to understand what is in THIS BOOK. There will be discussion
threads and Build Groups that follow-up on this material. Don't be left behind! Get
educated NOW, and be a part of this historic event.

Coming Soon

The next release, coming in November, will be the latest book by Eric Dollard,
titled Versor Algebra as Applied to Poly-Phase Power Systems. This is Eric's
astonishing thesis, taking the Versor Algebra model of the Four Quadrant Theory,
and applying it to higher dimensionalities. This is the first major expansion of this
type of mathematics since the work of McFarlane and Steinmetz. If you've been
following Eric's work, this book will be a "must have" for your growing library.

In Closing......

That's it for now. Thank you for your patience and faith in this slow process of
releasing the basic science about these technologies. With the release of Bedini
SG, the Complete Advanced Handbook, you finally have what you've been
waiting for!!
If you understand this, would you please do me a favor? Send this email to
everyone you know and love, and ask them to get this information too. If tens of
thousands of people all over the world get this book, this amazing technology will
never be able to be suppressed again! Help usher in a New Era in human history
where everyone has the knowledge and the power to take responsibility for
themselves and their loved ones, with the generosity and the kindness to help
others do the same. In this way, the True Age of Abundance begins in the human

Thank you for learning this material and for helping to envision and build a better world!

Warm regards,

Peter Lindemann


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