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Global BEM Conference 2013: A few stories (videos)

It has been an exciting month for us since I flew out to Boulder CO to present at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement conference for the first time.

The organizers were dedicated to facilitating the promotion of “free energy” with as much scientific information as possible. Even Professor Garret Moddel from the University of Colorado gratiously presented his views on “quantum engineering device technology” and Russ Gries appeared in person to promote his replication of a single-piston Papp engine exploding repeatedly with a noble gas mixture.

I particularly singled out Gries to ask him to create a four-cylinder model of the Papp engine with a camshaft. He is interested in accomplishing this task since his single piston and Bob Rohner’s single piston both demonstrate a proof of principle (see my COFE6 presentation for more info).

Other energy device-oriented presentations besides mine included Mark LeClair from NanoSpire, Inc. who has a robust cavitation fusion experiment, Mark Dansie, Russ Anderson, Moray King, Ruby Carat, Foster Gamble and late addition “Robert”. 

Many of the presentations are preserved on the Global BEM website as LiveStream videos and also on an independent website as noted in the first story.

With over 30 speakers, 2 conference rooms and a 3 day program, this event focused on the full scope of Breakthrough Energy Technologies. This is the second conference to be held by Global BEM. The first was in Hilversum, Holland last November.The speaker lineupfor the conference represented some of the brightest minds in the field.

All presentations were live streamed and can be viewed online here 

We want to congratulate all of the organizers and volunteers for their outstanding job in producing and hosting the conference and look forward to next year! We ask all to check out their website and see how you can contribute to the advancement of clean Breakthrough Future Energy !

IRI President, Tom Valone, presented his talk on Friday and the video presentations are available here, fourth and fifth one down.

Slideshow of Dr. Valone’s “Future Energy Breakthroughs” to a standing-room only crowd (14 MB, PDF). is available in the link above.

A delightful surprise was meeting with Dr Garrett Moddel and his PhD candidate student from China, Weiming Peng. Weiming read Dr. Valone’s Zero Point Energy-Fuel of the Future book, 7-8 years ago in mainland China and it sparked his interest in ZPE. 
He is now working with Prof. Moddel at the U of Colorado for a PhD program centered around the zero point energy investigations of Dr. Moddel. We are happy to see the worldwide influence the IRI books are having as they also influence the education of a new generation!

Enjoy the video highlights below of the Conference.

Russell Anderson CEO Searl Aerospace Inc.

Russell Anderson presents excellent lecture on Electrogravitic propulsion, Ether Technology, and Searl Technology October 11, 2013 at the 2nd Global BEM in Boulder, CO

Global BEM 2013 #1 ~Russ's View. Back Home Now... Lets Review The Trip... RWGresearch

other live channel


Video taken on October 10, 2013 at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference in Boulder, Colorado.

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Presentation by Sterling D. Allan at the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement Conference, October 10, 2013, Boulder, Colorado.

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Sources: Youtube, PESN

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