Saturday, May 5, 2012

Important Stanley Meyer videos

It seems there is much more left in the Stanley Meyers bag of secrets. Unfortunately things are being released very slowly. In this video Stan and Stephen talk about how the injector system works. Its very amazing. All this time we never saw Stephen. Now it seems like he had a lot of influence behind Stans water car.

The Key To Stanley Meyers Water Car, Gas Electrical Hydrogen Generator, Self Staining Device...

All rights to this video and information is open source and free to do with what you want! But if you build one of these be careful!!! It may explode... you could be dealing with plasma! Please get back with ,me if you build and test this device!

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Here is the patents:

us patent 4613304
ca patent 1213671

Here is the link to Alex petty log:

Here is Crag Westbrook's you tube videos:

Here is the stanley Meyers estate video's:

Disclaimer: I have been granted permission from the family of the late Stanley Meyer to post these videos. Please visit for more information on Stanley Meyer and the Water Fuel Cell technology.

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