Thursday, July 7, 2011

Renaissance Workshop (Bedini) Conference

Starting in April, 2010, John Bedini and his associates (primarily Rick Friedrich) have been holding a series of conferences to showcase various of his electromagnetic technologies and related. This is the third conference in that series. The unspoken promise is that eventually, working, commercial overunity devices of increasing quality and capability will emerge from this process.
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"A Convention giving people a chance to spend time with John Bedini and others of like-mind in actual Assembly and Discussion of Cutting Edge Alternative Energy Technology."

Focus is on

Event Announcement

Promotional Video

  • See some pictures of the Renaissance Porsche Conversion in the day and night, sun and snow. And have a few laughs. See some clips of the 30 coiler running with extra energizer coils. And see John show the Surprise ferris wheel. Lawnmower developments and more. (YouTube; rickfriedrich; January 23, 2011)

Previous Promotional Video

  • The conference announcement pages have sported this video at the top showing an animated cartoon of a Bedini like motor spinning and powering a house. (YouTube; rickfriedrich; October 17, 2010)

First Renaissance Charge Free Energy Vehicle

([1]; rickfriedrich; Feb 28, 2011)
  • This was during the Renaissance Charge Nov 2010 Convention at the CDA Resort. Motor was partially built for low HP application for Convention. Full potential of motor when complete is 100HP. Lawnmower motor charges equal 36V small battery bank while running off identical small batteries.

Previous Event

Early Registration Promotion

The following statement appears on the conference site:
"Special Early Registration from Dec 19-31: Register before Dec 31, 2010 and we will give you a ride in one of our Renaissance vehicles that uses our energizers as a motor. Also, the seats will be numbered in the order of first purchased. Latest ordered will be seated all three days at back and sides of the Convention room."

200 Advanced Workshop tickets avail. for July Convention next 2 weeks

Over the next two weeks, the next 200 registrations get the opportunity, with a condition, to do the advanced workshop.
Because of repeated requests, we decided to split up the workshop at the July Convention into two. Now we are going to have 250 people be part of the advanced workshop across the hall. This will allow tables to be brought into the main room where 750 people will be doing the basic workshop (as 250 will leave the room for the rest of the day). And we'll have about 80 tables and thus 80 kits with about 10 people per table. Jeff Wilson, Dave Luke, John Bedini and others will be in the advance workshop. This will focus on the assembly of the bigger and more advanced energizers. We will do several activities where most can participate in one way or another and get in to the more technical side of these systems as well as actual experimentation. We will also have a lot of time to do that with the entire 1000 people in the main room, however, that will not be a group workshop activity, but merely an observation. Specific details will be mentioned as we finalize everything and I learn from John just what he wants to do in every detail.
Now just like everything we do, we decided to make this a first come first serve thing. So the advanced workshop will be open to the next (starting today, Dec 28, 2010) 200 registrations. And at the rate of registering that may only be a week or two before it is filled. The only condition for anyone attending (instead of attending the main workshop) is that they have already gone beyond the basics and have built, tested, and reported (and that means pictures too) on the Bedini_Monopole3 BediniMonpole3 group their results as requested on this group in order to join the advance groups (that is unless they have other arrangements with me). It will not be the end of the world if you miss it, but it will give you a chance to have a good 4 or 5 hours with people working on the advanced systems.
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