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Tom Bearden - Dirac- invloeden EMF

These days, most of the small amount of available time I have left (after caring for Doris and I) is spent on what I'm calling "precursor engineering".
Will briefly explain this, since the patterning (either deliberate or randomly) of the pulsations of signals in the environment can me much more damaging than just the frequency etc. alone.

Sadly, this knowledge was deliberately torn out of physics in 1934 and suppressed ruthlessly.

Circa 1930 Dirac realized that his theory's Dirac sea vacuum tickling induces Dirac Sea holes in the tickled vacuum region of a physical thing and therefore adds negative energy to the boiling virtual state set of interactions in that "tickled" region, and thus to the boiling set of interactions (the precursor) that continually creates and sustains that "thing". This negative energy that is "added" by the tickling can be specifically patterned by appropriately patterning the "tickling", to directly alter and change any physical thing whatsoever.

Note that any physical "thing" or process is actually continuously being created by the appropriate fiercely interacting virtual state interactions that add together and combine to breach the quantum level, thus creating the electrons, protons, neutrons, atoms, and molecules etc. of that  physical thing or process. That "continuous, ongoing creation process" of any thing or process is what we are calling the "precursor" for the thing or the process. In that tickled region, the tickling and its patterning thus affects and changes the ongoing creative process (precursor) that is creating any physical matter or physical process ongoing therein.

So Dirac realized that, by deliberately adding negative energy in a specific pattern to the vacuum in which the process or "thing" is resident, this Dirac Sea vacuum tickling pattern could and would directly engineer and alter the continuously-created thing or process as one wishes, easily and quickly and very cheaply, once one works out the specific "tickle pattern" of tiny pulses that does what to what.

So Dirac would have given us a great leap forward in physics of at least 1,000 years into the future, to the very end of physics, whereby we gain the ability to directly and deliberately engineer physical reality itself, easily and simply once the necessary tickling research is done and catalogs of "tickle patterns and their results" are available.

Dirac and Schrodinger were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize in 1933, because their epochal work made possible all of modern quantum physics. Obviously if Dirac had been left alone, then in a few years (two or three) our physicists would have gained the ultimate ability to easily and directly engineer physical reality as one wishes. This would mean (1) easily and simply curing any and all diseases (the astounding Kanzius cancer cure actually uses it, though the actual process is still unknown to present scientists), (2) stopping "death from ageing (a tiny little jellyfish circa 1990 in the Caribbean gained additional control of the spikings of its nerve dendrite endings, and thus became immortal with respect to death by aging, and has now spread through all the oceans of the earth), (3) control and changing of matter (the simple "unhappening" of the OH bond in water breaks it easily and cheaply into H2 and O2 gasses, so that one can burn it in the internal combustion engines of cars, trucks, trains, ships, etc. and suddenly escape our dependence on oil -- and the Kanzius watergas process uses this process, unknown to the scientists testing it), etc.

With the ability to easily and directly engineer physical reality, suddenly one readily accomplishes "gigantic miracles" completely inexplicable by today's standards!

Obviously, such a development would mean the end of the control groups, because they would lose all control!

To prevent this happening, the Control Groups ruthlessly tore negative energy right out of Dirac's theory in 1934 (only one year after the award of the Nobel Prize jointly to Dirac and Schrodinger), and they changed the textbooks arbitrarily and deliberately to eliminate that negative energy in Dirac's theory. It was also made apparent to Dirac that if he opened his mouth a little too much, he would be immediately killed.

So Dirac became the "quietest, most taciturn" physicist of all time.

Anyway, by the grace of God I restumbled across the mechanism whereby the patterned "tickling of the Dirac Sea" does this direct alteration of a physical thing or process.
And I uncovered several examples of it actually working (such as the little jellyfish that became immortal to death by aging, circa 1990, and has now multiplied and spread to all the oceans; Professor Kanzius' cancer cure and also his watergas process, and also discovered that this increased ability to control the patterning of the spiking of one's nerve dendrite endings is the actual mechanism by means of which -- ever so often -- a slightly deviant individual is  born who has more control of the deliberate patterning of his nerve dendrite endings -- the vast number of which when patterned produce the most startling "miracle-producing" abilities the mind can conceive . This startling ability to deliberately control the patterning of his own jillions of nerve-ending spikings thus enables such an individual to directly do selected and deterministic "Dirac Sea vacuum tickling" and thus direct deterministic alteration of physical reality.

In short, this accounts for the ability of a few persons to accomplish miracles! I even stood beside one such person (before they finally killed him) and watched him do miracles -- absolutely awesome and incredible things. And so I then realized why for at least 200 years or more the Control Groups have ruthlessly sought out such deviant miracle workers (I call them "10-sigma persons") and killed them worldwide, to prevent our physicists from being able to study them performing genuine miracles in the lab, which would mean our physicists would then eventually uncover the precursor engineering physics mechanism, and thus they would be able to free humanity for all time from diseases of any sort, hunger, poverty, etc. Control of the weather, etc. would also follow.

In short, if our "miracle workers" were to survive, they would easily destroy and counter the control groups. The control groups would then lose all their control, regardless of how much money they had!

I've got a few communications and articles on my website already on this precursor engineering process,  and hopefully will be writing a short book on it (as soon as I can find a way to PROPERLY ILLUSTRATE the fiercely bubbling process in the deep virtual state on up into the observable state, that forms the "precursor" creative process and interaction). I believe it to be of such importance to the human species that I must make it my highest priority. Even Vlad (with the ZPE website in Russia) has posted some of my E-mails to him on the subject. And that is indeed refreshing, because the Russians have had precursor engineering well-worked out now for several decades but have kept it very secret along with their superweapons program, controlled by the elite leaders of the KGB and Russia. But now the Russians are slowly beginning to release bits of it for a little actual use -- as an example, the new Scenar-Cosmodic (little automatic handheld "patterned spiking" device, battery driven) that will cure or alleviate many diseases) has recently been openly released to Russian Doctors and they are publicly treating and helping their patients with it, with generally excellent results.

Anyway, that's what we're doing these days, plus we are also trying to get major funding brought into the free energy area, particularly to Bedini who can then produce more than a dozen working systems he's already built and get them into production and sales on the world market.

We are also calling attention strongly to the fact that for five years the Victor Klimov group at Los Alamos National Laboratory has openly produced real, nanocrystalline devices that resoundingly produce FREE EM ENERGY (VOLTAGE AND CURRENT FLOW) directly from the seething virtual state vacuum. It has independently been validated by another great national lab, NREL, and it is already openly printed in leading physics journals and nanocrystalline science journals of the world.

So getting out information on free energy from the vacuum and precursor engineering is what I'm trying to do, as I can, with my first job of necessity still being to painfully care for Doris and I in our enfeebled physical conditions.

But please be aware of precursor engineering and it overwhelming importance! We simply must get this startling application of deliberately-patterned Dirac Sea Vacuum tickling known by our physicists, and getting the best of them working furiously on it.

Meanwhile, consider the profound amount of "pulsations" (ticklings) ongoing in our modern environment! Spark plugs in all the auto and truck engines, cell phones spiking, all digital processing (computers etc.), sharp noises of all kinds, and on and on.

So yes, we are going to see more and more occasional effects (some will be bad and very severe) from the random varying of these dense pulsation patterns in our environment. And these effects will be seen occasionally in both living systems and in "inert" systems, due to direct changes introduced into their ongoing creative precursors.

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

Source: Nulpuntenergie

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