Sunday, May 15, 2011

Greek mainstream TV announces launch of Rossi Energy Catalyzer (Free Energy unit)

Very interesting news, regarding the Rossi Energy Catalyzer that is breaking ground substantially in the coming months.
Some startling things are happening at the moment with FREE ENERGY and this technology seams to be launched in the open without any roadblocks...!
As you will see in the part 3 news, they plan to build a 10MW power planty using this technology in the coming year...!!!
See this short summary presentation of recent progress;
Andrea Rossi Energy Catalyzer News Part 1 (5 weeks ago):

Andrea Rossi Energy Catalyzer News Part 2 (3 weeks ago);

Andrea Rossi Energy Catalyzer News Part 3 (this week);

A mainstream Greek TV Confirms Rossi's Energy Catalyzer (in HD)- in Greece
The technology has been tested in Italy by the Bologna University. See the video of this in Italian (with English subtitles);
See interview on Coast to Coast with Rossi;
 The Greek company that has the world wide licence to make these units (accept for in America) is;
There are also serious statements made regarding this technology in the esteemed
Serious stuff happening out in the open!!!

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