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GraviGen by John Michael Moltion

Compiled by Aaron Willis; Posted by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
January 30, 2015

Several of our readers have emailed me links to the GraviGen indiegogo campaign. I have reached out to the inventor and wait for his response.

It is a brave inventor to take on a gravity powered machine. These have failed to prove viable over and over again often due to measurement errors or outright fraud. However, there is always hope that some clever inventor might discover some ingenious way to skirt around all of the obstacles and tame the ever elusive beast called gravity.

Here is what we know so far:

The inventor, John Michael Moltion, claims that he has invented a machine that uses a clever assortment of gears, chains, pulleys and weights to produce 385 watts for 35 seconds as the mass drops at which point the contraption resets itself in 4 seconds using only 12-15 watts. The excess energy is stored in a battery. Here are the words directly from the patent application. (US20140054900)

A system for generating electrical power includes a weight assembly coupled to a drive chain that is coupled to a drive mechanism, which is coupled to a rotational mechanism. When the weight assembly is lowered from an elevated position by the force of gravity, the drive chain rotates the drive mechanism, which rotates the rotational mechanism, which rotates the shafts of a power generator mechanism to produce electrical power. After the weight assembly is lowered, a lifting mechanism raises the weight assembly to the elevated position, resetting the system for generating electrical power.

A 37 second video on the Indiegogo site shows a machine with an assortment of said gears, but it is an up close video that leaves the whole operation obfuscated, probably on purpose – either to hide the proprietary mechanism or perhaps the gimmick that would reveal the whole thing as a hoax. However we see gears spinning and a lifting arm return back to a start position. A rough idea of how the machine might function is all we get from the video.

Source: PESN

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